The outbreak is causing havoc for e-commerce retailers at the moment. Some struggle to source inventory, and some just see sales fall off a cliff altogether. But people are still buying goods online. So we thought we’d run through some ethical ideas to drive sales during these uncertain times.

  • Lean on your assets

Any online marketer worth their salt knows the value of contact assets – email lists, social followings, online groups.

Now more than ever is the time to ramp up communications with these people, especially if you’re struggling for sales. Send out broadcast emails, social posts, discount codes, helpful content, and anything to stay your brand top of mind.

Times are tough for a few people, but others still have income. Some may even have more income at the instant now that they aren’t ready to spend it at restaurants, sports events, outdoor hobbies, etc.

Make sure they know your store is still open and ready for business.

  • Launch new products

Can’t find an angle with your current products? Maybe you would like to source something new to compete within the short term.

Fashion is generally taking a hit right now.

But if it aligns together with your brand, try creating your humorous corona virus-related t-shirts, etc.

  • Offer subscriptions

Some e-commerce stores have seen sales undergo the roof since the occupy home advice.

It’s been a particularly good time (sales-wise) for stores in areas like:

• Home & Garden


• Health & Beauty

• Home Gym/Fitness Equipment

If you are doing end up with an influx of the latest customers, you would like to require action to form sure it isn’t just a 1 -time thing. And subscriptions could be a great way to do this.

  • Help others and share your stories

The entire corona virus story is just plain heartbreaking. People are dying, businesses are closing and jobs are being lost.

But it also seems to have sparked an outpour of generosity and appreciation around the world.

It must be said that the primary point-of-call here should be to think about how your business might genuinely be ready to help others. As against how you’ll exploit things to form a couple of extra sales.

But if you are doing find how to assist, nothing is stopping you from gaining some exposure through:

• Sending out press releases.

• Alerting relevant influencers.

• Posting on your social media channels.

• Sharing Face book and Instagram Stories of your good deeds.

• Uploading videos to YouTube.

Avoid a hell for leather sales connect any of those. But do everything under the guise of your brand and therefore the exposure will inevitably end in click-through to your website and merchandise pages.

  • Add extra sales channels

If you’re experiencing a downturn in sales because of the present pandemic, now could be nearly as good a time as any to explore adding extra sales channels to your operation.

There’s a huge variety of marketplaces and channels to choose from around the world. All of which may be a possible new source of consumers for your business that you simply were previously missing out on.

You’ll want to use a multichannel tool to ship orders quickly and keep inventory synced though.

  • Associate your products with high-performing verticals

For example:

Fashion sales seem to be down at the instant. While things like home fitness equipment seem to be considerably up.

But this doesn’t mean you only got to lie and accept the established order.

If you’re a fashion brand, are you able to start associating your products with the house gym market? Or with another vertical, that seems to be performing well at the moment?


• Creating social posts using your products in the setting of the high-performing vertical.

• Tweaking your product descriptions to convey this angle.

• Partnering with specific businesses to drive mutual sales.

Offering affiliate links to influencers and other stores within high-performing verticals.

This may not be possible for all types of products. High fashion probably won’t play well within the home fitness space, for instance.

But if you’ll make a logical connection then it might be how into a market that’s performing well within the current circumstances.

  • Double down on the sales you are doing make

Any sale made during times like these is crucial.

These are people that have already committed to creating a sale. So they’re in a prime position to urge them to buy again.

But don’t just wait and hope. You need to require action to form those sales happen.

To start:

Instant after-sales upsell or cross-sell can be huge. Tools like Zipify and Sweet Upsell do that by promoting other products in your catalog directly on your order confirmation page.

Then confirm to follow up with emails and messages pushing more sales soon after purchase also.

  • Grow your store’s blog

If you actually can’t move the needle with sales immediately in the least, then maybe spend the time on something which will pay off the long run .

Content marketing in e-commerce is some things that aren’t too heavily focused on by brands at the instant. Mainly thanks to the length of your time it takes to create consistent blog traffic and its lack of direct response elements compared to things like PPC ads.

But it could be a worthy investment if the current situation is giving you extra time to play with.

The whole world may be feeling right now after the corona virus takeover. But this doesn’t mean you would like to take a seat back and let your e-commerce business collapse.

Some brands are still making consistent sales. So make certain to undertake the ideas during this post and do everything possible to form your business one that succeeds.

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