Are you looking for the best product bundler app to sell your products on Shopify? There are hundreds of Shopify product bundling apps available in the Shopify apps store. A Shopify product bundling app helps you to keep your inventory in sync. We are here to serve you! You can choose the best product bundling app from the top 5 list.

Introduction about Shopify

Trace your dream with just a single platform! Are you planning to launch an e-commerce business for yourself? Shopify helps you to launch your dream store anywhere at any time. Shopify makes online business transactions much easier. Now Shopify has become one of the leading E-commerce platforms to start up a new e-commerce venture quickly.

Why Shopify is the leading e-commerce platform?

  • Easy to set up and configure
  • No need for much technical knowledge to deal with it
  • Fast and secure
  • Mobile-friendly & responsive
  • Expert 24/7 technical support
  • Powerful SEO features
  • Highly Customizable
  • Easy integration with thousands of 3rd party apps
  • Low operations cost

Shopify enables you to set up an online business by helping you to create, execute, and analyze all the activities of an e-commerce store. Shopify can be considered as the all-in-one solution to start up a new-fangled digital marketing era. It helps you to break the walls to business ownership and makes you comfortable in e-commerce marketing. One of the attractive parts of Shopify is, that it is quite easy to set up and you don’t need much technical knowledge for it. Shopify offers expert services to help answer any questions. It is very convenient to manage your Shopify store from your mobile phone because it is mobile-friendly. SEO features help you to enhance your website ranking in Google. Moreover, Shopify is highly secure, reliable, and flexible.

Why Need of product bundling?

Now let’s take a look at product bundling! Product bundling is an online marketing technique where different products are sold together for one price. You can use this strategy to pay customers attention and enhance their tendency to buy more products instead of buying one product. This online marketing strategy helps marketers to increase their profit and revenue. Many of the big dealers like McDonald’s use this marketing phenomenon to gain more profit. Product bundling is a good technique to reduce marketing and distribution costs like warehouse, shipping, etc. Another distinct feature of it is, that you are able to reduce inventory waste through bundling dead stock.

  • Enhance the profit and sales of your business
  • Decrease the burden of marketing and dealing cost
  • Clear out dead stocks
  • Enhance the overall efficiency and performance of your business
  • Make a spark in customers

Thus, the product bundling technique occupies a major role among marketers, so identifying the best Shopify app for product bundling is quite important. We are here to help you in identifying the top 5 best Shopify apps for product bundling.

Take a look at the top 5 best Shopify apps for product bundling!

  1. Fast Bundle|Product bundling
  2. Bundles
  3. MBC Bundles
  4. Fast Checkout Sales Bundle
  5. Bundle bear

Fast Bundle | Product Bundles

Fast Bundle is one of the most trusted Shopify apps and billions of people enjoy its service. The Fast Bundle provides extensive dedicated support by offering better sales in your business. You can install this application most safely and easily. Are you exhausted by using different business management tools? Fast Bundles are here to serve you! Fast Bundle provides attractive bundle offers to enhance the flow of customers into your business. It provides heavy discounts for big purchases, Mix and match offering to customers for creating a Bundle of individual items. Fast Bundles always keep standard bundles. It offers widgets that allow better customizable options for displaying products. You can easily grow your e-commerce market through this platform. You can test all the features before taking up a decision during the free trial.

Attractive features of Fast Bundle

  • Mix and Match offer: Let your customers pick up their preferred items from a bundle of offers
  • Discounts: Provide discounts according to the quantity of purchasing
  • Free shipping offer: Provides free shipping service to customers for a bundle purchase
  • Provide support to your needs and offer live chat
  • You can customize your designs
  • provides Combo offering
  • Smart offering

You can enjoy all the benefits of the app of its free plan. You have to pay $11.99/month after the subscription as its basic plan. The basic plan includes 2000 Bundles, unlimited popup carts, and the Removes logo of Fast Bundle. It has both pro and premium versions where you have to pay $29.99/month for pro and $59.99/month for the premium subscription. Its premium version offers you all the benefits with no limits.

As per the reviews, Fast Bundles got a perfect rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 stars. Users are marking this rate as per its functionality, usability, and speed. Thus, Fast Bundle can be considered as the extra capable Shopify app for product bundling. Fast Bundle gives proper responses to your queries and helps you to create unlimited bundles.

Click here to install the Fast bundle in your Shopify store


If you are looking for the easiest and fastest app! Bundles help you to synchronize inventory bundles, sets, and multipacks. Bundle helps you to avoid complications by keeping your stock up to date. You can easily sell your products in bundles and set or even multipack using bundles.

The Bundle app was introduced in 2016 where 11k people are trusted. you can get the attention of people by offering multiple packs instead of buying one pack. You can give suggestions to your audience by providing component product links while selling multiple inventories. it helps you to update sold-out products as well.

The installation and configuration of this app are quite easy because you don’t want to change your existing templates, just install the app and enjoy the benefits! The bundle handles everything automatically so that you can get rid of complications. It has 1000+ unique item bundles and multipacks.

When checking its rating, it has about 4.9 stars out of 5 stars. This means it has good client support and they were satisfied with its functionalities. It offers a 15-day free trial and after that an added subscription rate of about $14 /month.

Check out App:

MBC Bundles- Bundle product

MBC Bundles help you augment your revenue and increase the overall performance of your business. This Bundle app aids you in selling product bundles as a single product with one price. MBC Bundles uses different marketing techniques to enhance customer satisfaction and encourage them to buy more products. The bundles created by MBC have high power to convert your audience. Let’s have a look at its unique features!

  • Single product Bundle: Sell a bundle as a single product with one price and make your customer satisfied by simplifying the whole shopping experience. Make you and your customer happy!
  • Manage your inventories automatically and make your transactions smooth.
  • Includes More than 1000 attractive bundles.
  • You can customize Bundles as per your requirements.
  • Provides discounts for Bundle product

You can notice the increase of Average Order Value within the first day itself! It offers a 30-day free trial for you. The basic plan of this platform is $ 9.99/month where you can enjoy the benefits of Bundle products, combo products, BOGO, mix and match, and all other features. It has awesome reviews among billions of people about 4.9 stars out of 5 stars. MBC Bundle provides all the benefits of product bundling and makes you satisfied.

To install this app visit:

Fast Checkout Sales Bundles

Fast checkout sales bundle is a leading commerce platform that helps marketers enhance their client’s satisfaction. They aim to convert shoppers to Shopify and help marketers increase their revenue. This Shopify bundling app offers many advantages to you like quick buy, sticky button, sticky bar, cart popup, and more features. Fast checkout sales bundle helps you to increase your sales through the effective use of store conversation. It helps you to avoid abandoned carts and increase visitors. It’s a free-of-cost bundle where you can enjoy all its benefits without any limitations.

It has excellent customer reviews and is rated 5.0 out of 5 stars. This app provides all customization options with all good features. The fast checkout sales bundle is very convenient and easy to set up. Now let’s figure out its features:

  • Boost your sales and revenue: Reduce Abandoned carts and enhance the flow of visitors into your business.
  • You can customize your theme, color, etc. according to your ideas.
  • It has customizable buttons such as Add to Cart, sticky buttons, etc. to make it easy to use.
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Split up products and display their variants on suggestions.
  • Provides the best customer support

Bundle Bear

Bundle bear is one of the top-rated Shopify apps for product bundling. It mainly focuses on customer attraction and satisfaction. To enhance customer motivation to buy a product, Bundle Bear offers tiered pricing and discount strategies.

  • Enhance average order value: Bundle Bear provides discounts on mix and match product bundles to create more customer attraction into your business.
  • Provides huge discounts for heavy purchasing: discounts make customers keep shopping from your business and enable you to gain more profit as well as goodwill
  • Provide a free gift to customers and provide discounts based on their purchases.
  • Push your products through awesome bundles: Bundles look more attractive to your customers and force them to buy your products.
  • You can customize the app theme, color, and size according to your preference.
  • Build proper analytics through tracking discounts to identify gains.
  • Easy installing and set up and you don’t want any expert support to customize your app.
  • You can access our support team anywhere at any time.

When describing its pricing, it is completely free for 14 days and if you want to enjoy the benefit more you can add a subscription rate of $19.99/month which offers discount rounding, analytics, free gifts, volume discounts, and many more….it has a good rating of 5.0 stars out of 5 stars.

Use the App link to download:

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In this article, we have listed some of the best Shopify product bundling apps that help you increase your sales conversion and revenue. We tried to list all the main features of the bundling app above and if you want to know more information you can find out the Shopify app store link for each bundling app above. If you have any questions or need to clarify anything please contact us or comment on this article.