Jun 17 2019

E-Commerce Development in The Land of Halwas

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Technology plays a major role in human life and society. 20 years ago we didn’t have android phones, social media, laptops, wifis, etc. But now we have all these facilities and remember our world is now attached to 4G(4th generation) and moving to 5th by the end of 2019. Technology development has helped people to […]

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Oct 3 2018
Content Writing


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High-quality content is crucial to the success of any website. Obviously, the design of the site is essential in making a good impression on your visitors. But the site content is what keeps them in the web page or that bring them back. A leading search engine like Google is very particular when it comes […]

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Aug 6 2018

How to Perform A/B Testing in an eCommerce Website

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Testing is one of the main phase of software life cycle. As a web development company we follow many testing strategies to find and rectify our product. In every phase of development process of an application, we need to test in one or other way whether the application provides the expected outcome.This is what an […]

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Jul 31 2018
Data Visualisation

Top 13 Big Data Visualization Tools in the Market Today

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Data visualization is the way to show your data, to the right people, at the perfect time. To enable it, need to pick up insights. The number of information people obtain in their everyday life and the volume of information they process at work has recently soared. By 2025, the data volume is anticipated to […]

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Jul 26 2018
amazon prime

Amazon’s 2018 Prime Day Sets New Record in India

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E-commerce one of the highest growing business, with India having great marketing potential for investments. The rapid growth being used of versatile and internet users has encouraged ecommerce business in both urban and rural areas. There are a lot of bigger companies in the e-commerce market like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon, Shopclues, Jabong etc… with a […]

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Jul 25 2018
ecommerce testing

Important Segments Of Testing eCommerce Websites

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This is the era of Online Deals. Everything is just at a single click away from us on internet. A business thrives today depend up on the online customers.That means, we are living in a world of eCommerce. Shopping in person and shopping online has many differences. Online shopping has many advantages like time saving, easy access of products world wide etc…

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Jul 18 2018
Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio, An Introduction

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Google Data Studio is unquestionably a Seer Interactive, most loved as far as free data representation tool. Ask someone on our team that, how they got their report representations to look that good, and you will likely to hear all about data studio from a well experienced web development company. Difficulties occur when you need to […]

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Jul 18 2018
magento b2b ecommerce

Features of Magento B2B eCommerce Solutions

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Magento is the main endeavor class ecommerce platform, engaging more than 200,000 online retailers to date and picked by 1 of each 4 online organizations. Magento ecommerce web development stage is very wealthy in features. It controls the store proprietors to make the productive utilization of its implicit features adaptably keeping in mind, the end […]

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Jul 13 2018

How to Measure Your Website Performance Using Google Data Layer

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Website page speed is one of the critical factors in SEO and user experience. By pointing this, one of our customers chose to center around this metric and work on enhancing the site’s speed to check whether it builds changes and client retention. Create a dashboard to help us by measuring our website performance.  Most […]

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Jul 11 2018
Adobe XD design

How to Develop Website UI Wireframe Using Adobe XD

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Adobe Experience Design was introduced in March 2016 and it’s been updated monthly with packs of new features. It’s a new desktop application that can help you to design wire-frames, prototypes or even complete screen mock-ups of your website or Apps. It’s focused around outlining a better client experience, bringing your ideas to life, and […]

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