Aug 19 2019

Digital Marketing in E-Commerce

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Marketing is the process of promoting a specific product to get people’s attention, hence gaining popularity and ultimately having a very good business. Then, what will be digital marketing? Many of you will be familiar with this. Yes, the same promoting process but through digital channels. These digital channels include websites, social media, search engines, […]

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Aug 13 2019
Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty: The Crucial Part of an eCommerce Business

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The goal of any business is to attain a profit. So is it profit the heart of the business? If you think so, you are absolutely wrong. How is a business making a profit? When you get quality customers, right? Yes, so customers are the heart of any business. Without good, quality and consistent customers, […]

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Aug 6 2019
facebook libra

Facebook’s Libra: A Global Digital Currency Plan

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A transaction without the involvement of any banks, that is, a decentralized transaction. A transaction with high speed and accuracy. A transaction without much loss. This is a dream of almost the majority of the people living in this universe. Right? Is it possible? If the same question was asked 10 years ago, then we […]

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Jul 31 2019

Facebook: A Well Organized Marketing Platform

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Around 20 years ago, marketing was a herculean task to do as there were no many platforms available at that time. Companies have to highly depend on newspaper ads, television ads, etc. to perform marketing. In short, it was very difficult for a business to succeed during those days. Marketing is the core process for […]

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Jul 2 2019

Tips to Sell on Instagram in 2019

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This is the world of eCommerce. In this era, people around the world have grown up technologically and hence all kinds of products and services are on your fingertip. We know many platforms for selling products and services online. There are a lot of eCommerce websites that earn millions and millions in their online business […]

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Jun 27 2019
Social Media Marketing and AI

Artificial Intelligence and Social Media in Marketing

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Is marketing a herculean task to do? If this question was asked 10 or 20 years ago, the answer will be a confident “no”. Because at that time businesses were heavily dependent on Posters, Pamphlets, Television Advertisements, Newspaper Advertisements, etc. The technology was not that developed during those days and promoting a product seemed to […]

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Jun 17 2019

E-Commerce Development in The Land of Halwas

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Technology plays a major role in human life and society. 20 years ago we didn’t have android phones, social media, laptops, wifis, etc. But now we have all these facilities and remember our world is now attached to 4G(4th generation) and moving to 5th by the end of 2019. Technology development has helped people to […]

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Oct 3 2018
Content Writing


Posted by eCommerce | SEO | Web Development One Comment

High-quality content is crucial to the success of any website. Obviously, the design of the site is essential in making a good impression on your visitors. But the site content is what keeps them in the web page or that bring them back. A leading search engine like Google is very particular when it comes […]

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Aug 6 2018

How to Perform A/B Testing in an eCommerce Website

Posted by eCommerce | Web Development 2 Comments

Testing is one of the main phases of the software life cycle. As a web development company, we follow many testing strategies to find and rectify our product. In every phase of the development process of an application, we need to test in one or other way whether the application provides the expected outcome. This […]

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Jul 31 2018
Data Visualisation

Top 13 Big Data Visualization Tools in the Market Today

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Data visualization is the way to show your data, to the right people, at the perfect time. To enable it, need to pick up insights. The number of information people obtain in their everyday life and the volume of information they process at work has recently soared. By 2025, the data volume is anticipated to […]

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