Oct 3 2019
ECommerce TrustWorthy Banner

How Can You Make Your E-Commerce Store Trustworthy?

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Trust, a feeling that should come naturally into a person’s mind. Trust cannot be artificially created. If the E-Commerce website Development Company built your eCommerce website in such a way to attain website traffic and user’s trust, then your website will be a success. This factor of trust is very imperative. You have to attain […]

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Sep 25 2019
Good SEO Qualities

8 Qualities of a Good SEO in 2019

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Imagine that you are a website owner of a successful website. Just think what is the reason behind your success? Yes, there may be numerous, right? But the role of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the success of a website is not small. Without quality SEO, it will be a herculean task for a website […]

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Sep 18 2019
Website Ingredients

Essential Ingredients Required for a Good Website

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Imagine that you are a website owner. Your dream will be the success of your website, right? Anyways your ultimate aim will be to create website traffic and hence earn the targeted popularity. Isn’t it? So, as a web development company or a web developer, what you have to do to make your website a […]

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Sep 12 2019
Role of Mobile Apps

Role of Mobile Apps in E-Commerce

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Mobile phones have a  vital role in today’s life. No difference in the case of mobile applications (apps) too. For example, if you want yo purchase something from Flipkart, how many of you will go to google and search for Flipkart? Time-consuming, right? The majority of you will open the Flipkart app and will do […]

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Sep 2 2019
Website Traffic

Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic and Why

Posted by Local SEO | SEO | Social Media | Web Development No Comments

Imagine that you have started a website. What will be your focus at first? Before attaining your ultimate aim, people need to view your website, right? Without people’s views, it will be difficult for you to acquire your ultimate aim. For that, your website should be pure and should be designed in such a way […]

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Aug 28 2019
Error 404

Web Development and Error 404 Not Found!!!!

Posted by Web Design | Web Development No Comments

“Error 404 not found!!!”. Many of you would have noticed this error message when you open certain pages or links on the internet. Right? Did you ever think the reason behind this? The fact is that only a few would have investigated this error excluding people from a web development company. The majority will not […]

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Aug 19 2019

Digital Marketing in E-Commerce

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Marketing is the process of promoting a specific product to get people’s attention, hence gaining popularity and ultimately having a very good business. Then, what will be digital marketing? Many of you will be familiar with this. Yes, the same promoting process but through digital channels. These digital channels include websites, social media, search engines, […]

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Aug 13 2019
Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty: The Crucial Part of an eCommerce Business

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The goal of any business is to attain a profit. So is it profit the heart of the business? If you think so, you are absolutely wrong. How is a business making a profit? When you get quality customers, right? Yes, so customers are the heart of any business. Without good, quality and consistent customers, […]

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Aug 6 2019
facebook libra

Facebook’s Libra: A Global Digital Currency Plan

Posted by Digital Marketing | News | Social Media No Comments

A transaction without the involvement of any banks, that is, a decentralized transaction. A transaction with high speed and accuracy. A transaction without much loss. This is a dream of almost the majority of the people living in this universe. Right? Is it possible? If the same question was asked 10 years ago, then we […]

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Jul 31 2019

Facebook: A Well Organized Marketing Platform

Posted by Digital Marketing | SEO | Social Media No Comments

Around 20 years ago, marketing was a herculean task to do as there were no many platforms available at that time. Companies have to highly depend on newspaper ads, television ads, etc. to perform marketing. In short, it was very difficult for a business to succeed during those days. Marketing is the core process for […]

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