If you are planning to start up a new online business using the Shopify platform, you should have to know the relevance of Shopify and its essential features! Shopify is a global company that offers suitable solutions for starting, growing, marketing, and bringing about a business. In this article, we are going to discuss essential features of Shopify that you should add to your E-commerce store.

#1 Fully Customizable Theme

A fully customizable Shopify theme enables you to develop a perfect user interface as per your preferences. You can design your website by considering users’ desires and business structure. Plenty of themes is available on Shopify, once you choose the theme you have to make sure the selected theme is fully customizable by admin. It will make your site unique and attractive. Weaknesses of the pre-built theme can be solved using a fully customizable theme. The way you present your website will mark your business’s identity and reputation Now let’s discuss why you should choose a fully customizable theme:

  • The unique identity of design: A fully customizable theme brings a unique design to your website and reflects your identity.
  • Enhance your website speed: You can easily handle your website with no pointless code which aids you to enhance the speed of the site.

#2 Mobile optimized design

Mobile optimization is a considerable feature for developing Shopify’s e-commerce store. Your visitors can access the site from a mobile device to make them more convenient and easier to use. You can build up your entire site with a small screen display. When you tackle an e-commerce store, web designers should understand the relevance of mobile optimization and make use of it. The sales of your business will be going to increase because, in this new scenario, most people are engaged with their mobile phones so your site can access huge audience attention. You can optimize your site whether it is an Android device or an iPhone, it does not matter! Now let’s reevaluate the relevance of mobile optimization for a Shopify app:

  • Increased sales
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Helps you to make In-depth analytics to know your audience
  • Higher customer interaction


Why SEO optimization? If you are planning to develop an e-commerce store on Shopify, You should be aware of the relevance of the SEO feature. You have to make sure your store is SEO optimized [ search engine optimization]. An SEO-friendly Shopify is a vital tool when developing an e-commerce store. You can make use of search engines for technical optimization, acceptance of links, and content bearing. Let’s have a look at its benefits:

  • Augment ranking: An SEO-friendly Shopify store brands your page on the top of the search results.
  • SEO services and SEO mobile-friendly: An SEO-optimized Shopify can simply access its mobile site version to develop the ranking. It helps to boost your site by sensing the mobile site version.
  • An SEO top-ranked site benefits you by enhancing audience attention to your site, Improving your overall sales, etc.
  • Improves website security: SEO Shopify professionals provide higher security services by identifying weaknesses and eliminating them.
  • Track site performance

#4 Megamenu

The mega menu is a distinct feature that you should make sure your Shopify store includes. It contains several dropdown menus from the main navigation. It makes your customer happy and satisfied while selecting a product from the list. A customer can easily access a product with the help of a mega menu. In your case, a mega menu is an effective tool to boost audience retention. You can easily set up a mega menu in your store and it is so simple.

#5 Instagram shop

A Shopify Instagram shop is one of the excellent social commerce platform solutions where they offer numerous prospects to augment the sales of a Shopify store. Instagram visual shoppable contents boost your audience retention and improve sales.

  • Improves conversation rate
  • Enhance overall sales
  • Enhances audience attention through perfect visual inspiration
  • Boost whole shopping experience to users through product tagging on Instagram feeds
  • Offers a variety of customization options and comprises inspired themes, auto-updating, inventory management, powerful moderation, etc.

#6 Lazy load images

Taking too much loading time is really frustrating! It can bring huge losses to your business by slowing down sales and profit. A lazy load helps you to avoid these consequences! If you are planning to deal with a Shopify E-commerce store you should Know the relevance of lazy load. The lazy load technique brings a successful e-commerce store by increasing page load speed.

Lazy loading is a performance-enhancing technique by loads images when the user scrolls down the page instead of loading the whole page initially.  Loading the entire page initially takes too much time for loading and it brings dissatisfaction among your customers. Lazy loading helps you to:

  • SEO: Performance and page speed are the two main factors affecting SEO. The lazy load technique enhances the page load time and brings your page to the top of SEO.
  • Improved performance: A scroll-down method of Lazy load enhances the load time and increases the overall performance of the site.
  • Enhance customer retention: A lazy load technique augments customer experience by screening the entire product’s details when they scroll down and it will result in huge customer retention on your page.

#7 Auto-suggest search

You can add the auto-suggestion method of searching so that you can predict/ suggest certain products to your user while they search for it on the search field.   It makes your user browse matching products without leaving the page.

  • Enhance user experiences: Quickly displaying exact recommendations results in an increased conversational rate and improved user experiences.
  • Refine search queries of your users
  • Increased online store exploration
  • Increased sales and performance of the site

#8 Newsletter popup

If you are an E-commerce business owner, you should be aware of the newsletter popups! A newsletter popup helps you to enhance overall sales by increasing the conversation rate. It supports your company with a wide range of features. You can pass essential information through emails and connect with your customers get connected. Pop-Ups help you to push the best products through discounts and encourage customers to buy products. A newsletter popup allows you to develop more user subscriptions. A Shopify store provides different.

  • Targeted marketing: A newsletter popup targets a particular customer and stays connected with them by providing certain popup messages and discounts. It segments users according to their buying interests and targets a particular audience to push up certain products.
  • Increased customer attention: A newsletter popup aids you in attracting certain targeted customers by providing interesting deals to them. It helps you to enhance the conversation rate.
  • Product awareness: Through emails and popup messages you can explain product details and make users aware of the products. It will enhance the trustworthiness among people and gain audience attention in your store.
  • Make your subscribers into your loyal customers by the emailing system or CRM.

#9 RTL support

Shopify has an RTL [Right to Left] language support system that enables you to make user-friendly RTL layouts, fonts, Hebrew and Arabic notifications, and translations. RTL support enhances conversational rate with the various features.

  • Make your Shopify store user-friendly
  • Support multiple languages of both English and Arabic
  • Enhance international audience in your store and enhance overall sales

#10 Product Wishlist

A Shopify platform always focuses on increased store engagement and better customer retention. A product Wishlist enhances sales and attracts customers to your store. It enables your customer to save the products and add them to your Wishlist.

  • Make your customers create their product collections for easy access.
  • Enhance conversation rate
  • Improves customer retention
  • Increase sales
  • Enhance the shopping experience
  • Helps you to identify customer product preferences and avail special discounts and offers to them.

#11 Product video

A video graphic product presentation is far better than anything because you can easily catch customer attention in your store through a single video. It has prodigious benefits for your company like improved sales, customer retention, enhanced conversation rate, etc. You can easily create detailed product awareness to make a consistent audience.

  • Augment store experience
  • Increased conversational rate
  • Provide a complete understanding of products and reduce users’ returns.
  • Promote SEO

#12 Quick add to cart

Quick add-to-cart is a powerful feature for a Shopify store. It will enhance overall shopping involvement by consuming shopping time. Add to cart option shows all relevant features and buys products without entering into the product page. It enhances more visitors to your online business with an increased retention rate.

  • Make your audience an easy shopping experience
  • Improved user experience
  • Reduce time taken for shopping

#13 Sale countdown

A sale countdown tool for Shopify pushes your products and makes them buy which is delayed for a long period. It is an extraordinary tool for boosting the overall sales of the business by providing a countdown for each product. It encourages your customers to buy a specific item by making them panic out of it. It shows time limitations for a product’s offers and discounts.

  • Make your customers hurry to purchase certain products
  • Creates a tendency of FOMO [ fear of missing out]
  • Improves conversational rate
  • Increased visitors

#14 Product labels

Using standard product labels is an effective marketing technique to boost up your sales. As a Shopify store owner, you have to make use of this feature. A product label enhances the conversation rate by encouraging customers to buy quickly. A product label contains attractive virtual stickers to develop the attraction of consumers. You can able to see certain labels such as “must-have” “best quality” “best choice” etc. to make a tendency in people to buy products.

  • An extraordinary way to interact with customers
  • Encourage people to purchase certain products
  • Increased conversation rate
  • Increase shopper attention
  • Helps to announce discounts and offers
  • Provides simple product description without detailing

#15 Mailchimp support

If you are a Shopify business owner, connect Shopify with Mailchimp to enhance sales of the store. Mailchimp is an email marketing platform used to reach targeted markets by connecting audiences through emails.  It helps you to send order data automatically to Mailchimp. You can easily get connected to customers and generate products through recommendations. Mailchimp support to enhance conversation rate, sales, and audience attention. Mailchimp offers more opportunities for your business growth lets list them out:

  • Manage and make conversation with customers
  • Promotes Email marketing to a targeted customer
  • Increased sales through product recommendations

#16 Google Rich snippet option

If you want to set up a personal online store, you have to know about the effectiveness of a rich snippet. Your product data appears directly in the search results using a rich snippet option. Rich snippets help search engines easily identify site data and organize them into a structured data format in a user-friendly way.

  • Make your Shopify store attractive on Google search result
  • SEO friendly
  • Enhance the buying confidence of customers
  • Displays customer reviews on search results
  • Higher snippets increase customer redirection and traffic
  • Increase product identification
  • Gain a higher ranking on Google
  • Appear a product tag on Google images

#17 Product notification popup

A product notification popup feature enhances customer interaction and boosts sales to your business. It helps to keep your customers up to date by providing the current status of their orders. Targets needy customers and provides product information to them.  Increased notification popup boosts sales, and conversational rate and improves trust.  It reminds customers to boost up certain products.

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Shopify is a pack of different dynamic features that helps business owners to manage their stores. They have to understand all relevant features and users of it. In this article, we have gone through various features of Shopify required for an E-commerce store. Now you will be aware of these features and their benefits!