It must not come to you as a surprise that COVID-19 has motivated people to make their brick-and-mortar stores to the online platform.

Mass closure of traditional stores has had a tremendous impact on sales, disrupting business activities. Whether a small Kirana store at the end of the road or a big enterprise with lavish office space, everyone now is rethinking their strategies to revive their business operations and survive during such times of uncertainty. A major step here is the migration of traditional physical stores to an online solution. 

The first and the most important thing when it comes to an online store is that it adheres to business continuity. The fact that the ongoing pandemic crisis has disrupted the line of business operations, leading to the shutdown of multiple stores, its time that the entrepreneurs or the leaders thought of something different.

This is where the idea of an online store peeps in. An online store, to be precise, doesn’t require one to gather in a single place. It gives the ease to place orders remotely while you are sitting back in your houses. But that’s not all. An online store has a lot more to offer than what meets the eye.

To help you decide, we have outlined a few advantages of an online store, considering the mess created post-COVID-19.

Reasons Why an Online Store?

  • Remote Buying

While the traditional stores require you to step out of the houses to place an order, online stores work remotely. With a website or a dedicated app, an online store allows you to scroll through the list of the items within a store, select and add them to the care. You would no longer need to travel from one place to another or one store to another. You can simply search for a product and then place an order. This works for both products and services. Irrespective of whether you are a grocery store owner or own a fashion mart, an online store would be helpful for all.

  • Cashless Payment

The need to practice social distancing has turned people again with each other. The fact that the virus is contagious and spread from people to people, we all have been avoiding direct contact, let alone pass on the cash. While buyers would be hesitant to pay cash, online stores provide the ease to digitally without having the need to transact physically. This keeps both the delivery person and the buyer safe.

  • Doorstep Delivery

Another reason why an online store is the need of the hour is that people have stopped stepping out for everything they need. Even the local stores have resorted to the home delivery of products to avoid mass congestion. With an onion store, you win the trust of your buyers as you provide them door-to-door delivery of goods. An to add to this, online store owners have adopted the contactless delivery where goods are left outside the door, eliminating the possibility of coming in contact with the delivery executive.

  • Wider Reach

Online stores are limited to a particular region or locality. They spread from area to area, depending upon your selling abilities. While the traditional store would have limited your sales, an online store would take this to the next level. This way you will not only increase the possibility of survival during the pandemic crisis but at the same time, add some money to your account.

  • Optimize Expenses

Even though an online store means hiring delivery executives to facilitate the delivery of goods at the door of the customer, it eliminates the need to have more people working in your stores. This reduces the end to end expenses that otherwise would have been part of your monthly reports.


Even though this might seem something very different for you, an online store is one that will help you sustain the difficult situation during and after the crisis. It is known that people would remain hesitant to be part of social places and avoid such gatherings even after the threat subsides.

It is important for business owners to look for alternatives to adapt to the new normal and moving to an online store is the best place to invest. If you aren’t sure how to get started with your first online business, get in touch with an eCommerce development company. They will help you set up and also monetize the same to make the most out of the venture.