Mobile phones have a vital role in today’s life. No difference in the case of mobile applications (apps) too. For example, if you want to purchase something from Flipkart, how many of you will go to Google and search for Flipkart? Time-consuming, right? The majority of you will open the Flipkart app and will do further proceedings, isn’t it? Yes, that is the importance of apps in everyday life. Mobile apps also have a crucial role in E-commerce. This article deals with the role of mobile apps in E-commerce. Let’s see how important are these apps for the industry that is conquering the world at present.

Importance of Mobile Apps in E-Commerce

As mentioned above, mobile apps are very important in today’s life. Earlier when there were no such apps, people struggled a lot. But now with the entry of apps, it helped people to release any burdens. E-Commerce, the industry which is conquering the world like a boss also depends a lot on mobile apps. Remember, people are browsing the internet more on mobile phones than computers which increases the demand for mobile apps. This fact led E-commerce industries to use more mobile apps. Studies show that mobile apps have helped enterprises reach the E-commerce market more than that achieved via mobile or desktop web. Let’s see how mobile apps help the E-commerce industry,

Good Features:

Mobile apps have terrific features that make them very easy and comfortable to use for customers. For example, if you select an app and open it, you can see a wide range of features. You can search for the product you are looking for in the “search” option of the app and you will never be disappointed. There is a wide range of features like push notifications, social media integration, mobile payment, support, offline features, security, branding, feedback system, etc. that will surely impress customers. In short, the features of mobile apps are more impressive than those on the web.

Multi-Layer Security Features:

The security of customers is a huge concern. But the security and privacy provided by mobile apps are worth more than gold. Mobile apps have multi-layer security features that will always keep the customer’s security and privacy safe and in turn, will protect from cyber attacks.

Easy to Use:

Compared to website features, mobile apps are very easy to use as they do not have many complex features. That is the main reason, that an eCommerce web development company also builds a mobile app to create or reach their customers. The easily locatable search bar, smooth navigation, accessible shopping products, and multiple payment methods in mobile apps make customers’ jobs way too easy.


This is another advantage of mobile apps. Mobile apps are designed in such a way that they are more attractive. Remember, beauty and attraction have a crucial role in anyone’s life. So if people see something attractive, they will be impressed. Similar, in the case of apps too. The beautiful design of the apps will create a tendency for people to use apps again and again. This helps the customers to be more interactive and hence prolonged use.


Apps are very easy to get. You can download apps from the App Store if you are an iOS user and from the Play Store if you are an Android user. E-commerce apps are extremely convenient and help customers to shop anytime, anywhere.

Creates Customer Loyalty:

Do you know who is a loyal customer? A customer who shops from the same firm for a long period of time or in other words a customer who does repeated shopping from the same firm. Yes, mobile apps help to retain customers. Wondering how? There are integrated rewards or coupons in the app that can attract customers. Scratch-and-win referral rewards, coupons, spin-to-win, digital stamp cards, etc. are some of the tactics used by E-commerce companies to impress customers. Push notification is another feature in apps that may create loyalty. You can install and update notifications on a consistent basis informing you about your latest offers, sales, and discounts without disturbing customers. If impressed, customers will follow your business and eventually you can retain them. To improve and grow your business, you should know more about customer loyalty, and how it will lead you to success.

High Revenue:

Studies show that people are giving more priority to mobile apps than websites. Smartphone users spend 90 percent of their mobile time on apps. This is due to the terrific features provided by apps and this, in turn, helps the E-commerce industry to generate great revenue. Hence through apps E-commerce businesses are earning a very healthy profit.

Reduced Response Time:

Studies show that the time required for an app to complete an action is lower than a website. This is because apps store their data partially on a mobile phone. Also, an app only needs to load content that a customer wants as customers are able to set their default preferences in apps. This helps customers to save time.

Reduces Cart Abandonment Rate:

There are many cases of people leaving a website without completing the specific action. This is known as cart abandonment. However mobile apps can reduce the cart abandonment rate through their mesmerizing features. Studies show that the cart abandonment rate on a website is around 68% while it is only 28% in mobile apps.

E-commerce is an industry that is having a successful run currently. The role of mobile apps in the growth of E-Commerce is not small. E-commerce businesses are making a humongous profit through mobile apps. The fast, efficient, and accurate nature of mobile apps is the reason behind their success. As discussed above, mobile apps have tremendous features compared to websites. So if you are a member of an E-commerce business, utilize mobile apps up to the maximum. It will surely give you a positive result. Once more remember, that smartphone users spend 90% of their time on mobile apps.