Google Analytics is an indispensable web analytics tool that measures the effectiveness of your website. It provides insights into pageviews, bounce rates, traffic sources, and more, which are crucial for monitoring the return on investment (ROI) of your online business and evaluating the performance of your eCommerce website. While designing and developing an online store is challenging, assessing your website’s capabilities has been made simpler with Google Analytics.

What People Are Searching For

Google Analytics enables you to understand what visitors are searching for on your site. While it’s straightforward to track which keywords are driving traffic, it’s more challenging to discern what users are actively searching for on your website. Google Analytics helps identify the starting pages of user searches and the keywords that lead them to your site, allowing you to optimize content and improve search rankings for those terms.

Identify the Best and Worst Performing Pages

Google Analytics provides data on how many visitors come to your website, how long they stay, and when they leave. This information is vital for identifying both the least and most effective pages on your site. By understanding which pages underperform, you can redesign them to enhance user experience and potentially increase conversions. Conversely, identifying your best-performing pages allows you to focus more on promoting these to align with your business goals.

Customizable Dashboard

Upon logging into Google Analytics, the first screen you see is the dashboard, which presents the most crucial analytics data. You can customize this dashboard to highlight the information you deem most important and even create multiple dashboards with various widgets. Commonly included widgets are Users, New Users, Sessions, Sessions by Browser, Average Session Duration, Pages per Session, Bounce Rate, Goal Completions, and Revenue.

New ABC Analytics Reporting

A significant update in Google Analytics is the introduction of ABC reporting. This new format group reports based on Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversions. ABC reporting allows you to track how new visitors are acquired, their activities on your site, the behavior of returning visitors, subscription rates, and how effectively new visitors convert into customers.


In this article, we explored key features and benefits of Google Analytics that can enhance your eCommerce store’s performance. Google Analytics is a powerful, cost-effective tool that, with the right knowledge and application, can significantly improve your online store’s operational efficiency and marketing effectiveness. We hope this discussion helps you leverage Google Analytics to its full potential, aiding in the growth and success of your eCommerce business.