Trust, a feeling that should come naturally into a person’s mind. Trust cannot be artificially created. If the E-Commerce website Development Company built your eCommerce website in such a way to attain website traffic and user’s trust, then your website will be a success. This factor of trust is very imperative. You have to attain the trust of customers or else your business will always be a sinking ship. Remember, a user will only turn into your customer if he/she has trust in your business. But as mentioned above, to gain the trust of customers is not that easy. You have to do some important steps perfectly, to achieve that feat. This article deals with important methods to create trust in users towards your E-Commerce website.

Methods to Create Trust

HTTPS Encryption: The main concern of a user is his/her security and privacy. If your website is encrypted with HTTPS(HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure), then it will not be vulnerable to any cyber-attacks and other issues. This comes under SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) certification. Hence it provides good security with the help of encryption technology. So that there is nothing to worry about the security of customers. If you provide good security, the chances of attaining customer trust are high. So don’t forget to inculcate HTTPS encryption.

Be Active on Social Media: Considering the present scenario, you cannot avoid social media. It has got a terrific following throughout the globe. So you have to utilize all the social media platforms as you can. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the major social media giants used for social media marketing. You should be active in all these platforms and should try to gain more followers. You can post about your products and don’t forget to reply to users if they have any doubts regarding your business. If impressed, surely a bulb of trust will light in the customers.

Post Reviews: Reviews of customers are precious than gold. So that you have to post those reviews on your website and also in social media. Just imagine you are a customer. You need a product and you searched online for that product. Finally, you found the product you want. But the issue is that you doubt the quality of the product. It is a fact that no companies will tell that their product is weak. Here you can trust the reviews of other customers. This also proves that the majority of people will not like to be the first buyers of any product. So that reviews are way too crucial.

The “About Us” Page: The about us page on your website is not just a page detailing your business. You should write that page with your heart. Customers should know the human side of your business. Not only include the details of your business but also include your story, your struggles, your fights, etc. on your business journey. Hence you can drag the user’s attention to yourself and this will help them to know more about you. If this succeeds, a trust will surely develop in customers.

Be Easily Reachable: Here, you have to provide all the contact details of your company on your website- Your phone number, your email id, social media details, etc. So that customers can contact you easily and be always responsive to them. Your customer care service should be of good quality. Never make customers wait. If you promise them a date for customer service, go on for that date at the correct time with superior consistency. If you show any drawback in customer service, it may affect your business negatively. It is found that 91% of customers stopped following companies with poor customer service. So always be reachable to your customers. If you succeed in this step, you can attain more loyal customers.

Provide Detailed Product Information: Yes, every E-Commerce Website Development Companies provide product information on their websites. But the problem is that the majority of companies shortly provide those details or completes that information within a few points. This is not enough. Seeing such kind of information may not satisfy the customers. They may not be sure about the quality of the product if your product information is of that form. This can affect your business badly. So what you have to do is give product information in detail. Don’t spare even tiny information about any product. If possible, add more images and videos about your product. This will help customers to know more about your product.

Be Transparent: Just imagine a customer is purchasing from your website. He/she completed almost all the process and finally, if he/she sees additional charges for shipping, insurance, or taxes, this may distract him/her. Most probably, he/she will stop the purchase and all your efforts will go in vain. Hence, hidden charges are not at all good. So what you have to do is show all the details regarding the products especially the charges. So that customers will not be shocked at the end of the purchase. In short, be transparent.

Display Trust Seals: Trust seals are icons that show your website is secured by a said web security agency. So that customers may not be much worried about security and privacy. This may make your website more trustworthy for customers.

Simple Design: Your website design should be simple and customer-friendly. Customers should get what he/she wants from your site without many advancements. If your website design is too complicated, customers may lose interest in it. So always keep your website simple, efficient, and customer-friendly.


After reading this article, you would have understood the value of trust. If a user needs to be your customer, the first criteria you have to earn is the trust of that user. If no trust, no conversion rates, that’s all. As mentioned in the article, trust is not something that you have to artificially create in a user forcing him/her to buy your product. Trust should come naturally from the user’s heart. For that, you have to inculcate the above-mentioned tactics. Remember, trust is the easiest thing in the world to lose, and the hardest thing in the world to get back.