Around 20 years ago, marketing was a herculean task to do as there were no many platforms available at that time. Companies have to highly depend on newspaper ads, television ads, etc. to perform marketing. In short, it was very difficult for a business to succeed during those days. Marketing is the core process for any company to make their business a success. So if you don’t perform marketing in a supreme way, then your business may face a scary phase for sure. At present, we are rich with many platforms. So the marketing process is much easier compared to those old days. We now have social media, which helps us in many ways. Social Media marketing is very crucial for any business at present as it has a huge following. So Social Media Marketing should be done with great care and perfection. If you succeed in doing that, your business will accomplish half of the success. Also, it benefits for SEO of your website. Today, companies are mainly focussing on Social Media for the promotion of their products. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. are the main social media platforms companies are using. In this article, we discuss Facebook and how can we use Facebook for marketing purposes.



Today, people not having a Facebook account will be very less. Many people depend on Facebook. Not only for entertainment and time pass, but many people use Facebook for official purposes too. Facebook has got a gargantuan following at present which makes it a crucial platform for the marketing process. According to Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, Facebook had 2.3 billion monthly active users as of December 2018 and these numbers are likely to increase in the coming days. Having got such a mammoth following, Facebook is a key platform for any business. Hence, if you post anything on Facebook, many will view and if it has relevant content, your post will attain terrific support and ultimately will be a success. So if you use Facebook on the right path, then a positive result is awaiting you.

How to use Facebook for Marketing your Product?

Facebook is a social media platform that has a great reach. So if you use Facebook for the marketing process on a consistent basis, it will really help your business. So how can we use Facebook for marketing? Remember marketing is a crucial process for any business. So it has to be done with great care and perfection. If you simply write something about your product and post it on Facebook, it will not gain much attention. The content you post about your product should have something to impress the viewers. Let us see how we can utilize Facebook for marketing:

Create a page for your business: First of all, your business should have an identity. For that, you have to start a page on Facebook regarding your business. The page should be well made and designed consisting of all the details about your business. The viewers should be really impressed by seeing your page. To achieve the viewer’s attention, your page should be attractive in appearance, it should have all the details regarding your business in a short and precise manner and finally, it should have all the details in the correct order. Hence, a page can help you in marketing your products in a well-crafted manner.

Post regularly on your page: Simply creating a page and then giving all your business details on that page will not complete the deal. You have to post on it on a consistent basis regarding your business and products and should make your page active. Unless you make your page active, it will not have a vast reach. Posting on a regular basis means not simply posting something regarding your business. The content you post should be of good quality and should have a relevant message. Don’t forget to make the content short and precise as the majority of people do not like to read long content. So if you post quality content regarding your business on your page on a consistent basis, you can earn many customers

Promote your page: Promotion is a very vital process. If you need a vast reach, then you have to promote your page, or else your page will be shortened to a few. Marketing will only be a success if it has a vast and deep reach. In the beginning, your page will not have that reach, that’s quite natural. But you have to earn that reach in the upcoming days. For that, you have to adopt different methods. First of all, invite your close friends and well-wishers to view and like your page. Creating a Facebook URL can also help in the promotion process. It is also good to provide your Facebook link on your website and e-mail. If a person “likes” your page, then all your updates can be viewed by him/her in their feed. This will help you a lot. Hence, promoting your page is a must

Engage your followers: As we all know, customers are the heart of any business. So don’t forget to maintain a good relationship with people who follow your page. To acquire this feat you have to post quality and interesting content on a regular basis that will keep your followers engaged. This will help in mutual understanding and you can attain a positive result. Another advantage of this process is that, if people like your business, they too will promote your business in all the possible ways. The result is a terrific word of mouth and this can earn you a huge outcome. So engaging your followers is another crucial step in marketing. If you cannot do this one successfully, your marketing will be a flop.

Facebook Advertisements: Advertisement is a key factor in the marketing of any business. Advertisements on Facebook help in a very high proportion to market a product. But the bitter part is that most of the people do not like advertisements. For example, when a person is watching a Television program or YouTube video, if an advertisement comes in he/she will get irritated and will not be that interested to watch it. So to incorporate a successful advertisement is not that easy. The main reason why many people do not like advertisements is that many of the companies release poor-quality advertisements or the majority of what they say in those advertisements will not be the truth. They just need to market their product and their only aim is to gain people’s attention. This really affects advertisements negatively. So you have to make a good and quality advertisement regarding your product that will impress the viewers. Remember no need to add additional features that are not the truth, just inculcate the real features and the benefits that your product has and create an advertisement of minimum quality. Usually, advertisements on Facebook appear at the side column of the Facebook site

Conducting Facebook Contests: Conducting Facebook contests is another way of marketing. You can gain a fantastic following through this process. Remember you cannot create a poll directly on Facebook and you require another application to do it.


In any business, the main factor we require is having the ability to think differently. We should use our brain in the correct way. The majority consider Facebook as an entertainment saga. Yes, it may be meant for that. But just think Facebook has got a huge following and the numbers will have a great increase in the coming future. So why can’t we use Facebook for technical purposes? Now, Facebook has become one of the best digital marketing tools now. Marketing on Facebook can gain you phenomenal success as it has got that many followers. So for anything or any object, there will be a secondary use that can produce a humongous result than its primary use. So not only focus on the primary one but also focus on the secondary too. Sometimes, perhaps that secondary use will be the one that will be more advantageous and the one that can give you the best possible result.