Technology plays a major role in human life and society. Twenty years ago, we didn’t have Android phones, social media, laptops, or Wi-Fi. But now, we have all these facilities, and it’s important to remember that our world is now attached to 4G (4th generation) and moving towards the 5th generation by the end of 2019. Technological development has helped people access information more easily and improve skills in various fields. Hence, technology is crucial to the successful lives we lead today. We are fortunate to live in this generation, where we can use technology to learn about anything. The internet is a perfect example of the technological revolution.

Today, people with a lack of knowledge about E-Commerce are becoming increasingly rare. We are living in the “internet generation,” and E-Commerce epitomizes this era. The Internet serves various beneficial purposes, and E-commerce is one of them. E-commerce, or Electronic commerce, is the process of buying or selling products through the Internet. It is revolutionizing the traditional way of conducting business. This significant shift in the business model is witnessing tremendous growth globally, including in India. Leading e-commerce development platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, and Shopify are facilitating this growth. Magento web development companies in Kozhikode excel at building stunning e-commerce websites for clients worldwide. This article delves into the history of E-commerce in Kozhikode, its growth, and its impact in Kerala.

History & Development of E-Commerce

On August 11, 1994, in Philadelphia, USA, while many were engrossed in their lunch, Phil Brandenberger, a native of Philadelphia, was engaged in a significant process. He logged into his computer and utilized his credit card to purchase a book titled “Ten Summoner’s Tales”. Although this transaction may seem mundane today, it marked a historic moment. It was the first instance where encryption technology facilitated an internet purchase, making it the inaugural true E-commerce transaction. Since then, E-commerce has experienced exponential growth. emerged as one of the pioneering E-commerce platforms in the US, paving the way for countless other businesses to venture into online sales. The concept of online shopping itself was pioneered by Michael Aldrich in 1979 in the United Kingdom. E-commerce has become an indispensable and potent tool in the present day, offering a straightforward method of shopping.

E-Commerce in India

As of July 2018, India boasted 475 million internet users, constituting 40% of the population. Among the prominent E-commerce companies in India are Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues, Paytm, Snapdeal, and eBay. Projections suggest that the number of users will continue to rise steadily in the coming years.

E-commerce in Kozhikode

E-commerce is extending its roots very effectively in God’s own country, Kerala. Kozhikode, one of the major cities in Kerala, boasts a rich and storied history and is also known as Calicut.

Let us explore a brief history of Kozhikode. The city was under the Chera Dynasty until AD 1122. Kozhikode gained prominence as a leading port district in its early days, attracting numerous tourists to this exquisite city. In the 14th century, it is believed that the Chinese visited Kozhikode, and there is evidence to support this claim. At that time, Kozhikode was ruled by the Samoothiri Maharajas. It would be rare to find Keralites unaware of the story involving Kozhikode and the Portuguese sailor Vasco Da Gama. In 1498, Vasco Da Gama landed at Kozhikode’s famous Kappad Beach, which is 25 km away from the city. This event etched Kozhikode’s name in history. In 1766, the Mysore Emperor Hyder Ali invaded Kozhikode. Following the third Anglo-Mysore war in 1792, Hyder Ali’s successor, Tipu Sultan, ceded Kozhikode to the British. Kozhikode was part of the Madras Presidency until Kerala was officially formed in 1956. These events are part of the storied past of Kozhikode.

Turning to the present, Kozhikode is renowned for its cuisine, with local foods considered the best in comparison to other districts in Kerala. Moreover, Kozhikode is known as the land of Halwas, as its halwa is notably tasty and of higher quality than that found in other Kerala districts.

Some key attractions in Kozhikode include Mananjira Square, the Pazhassi Raja Museum, Kozhikode Beach, Beypore Port, Kappad Beach, Sarovaram Bio Park, and the Malabar Botanical Garden. Kozhikode remains one of the main commercial cities of Kerala, currently serving as the major trade hub of North Kerala with robust connectivity via road, rail, and air. The city has seen many changes in recent years, as evidenced by the number of malls and buildings recently constructed. The KSRTC bus terminal in Kozhikode is one of the largest in Kerala. Previously, the main business area was the Big Bazar (known as Valiyangadi in Malayalam) near the railway station. Currently, the main business area is SM Street (Sweetmeat Street, also known as Mittayi Theruvu in Malayalam), which is a long street containing diverse categories of shops. The city also hosts standard shopping malls, with the Focus Mall, RP Mall, and Hilite Mall being the most popular. The Hilite Mall is the second largest mall in Kerala.

Such a place, with a long, rich, and significant history, is indeed rare even throughout India. Technological development in Kozhikode has been remarkable in recent years. This is evident from the statistics mentioned above. It’s not surprising that a district as prolific as Kozhikode has experienced substantial technological advancements, especially considering Kerala’s literacy rate of 93.91%. As a result, the number of internet users has significantly increased in the last five years in Kozhikode, thus boosting e-commerce.

Three of the major eCommerce companies active in Kozhikode are:

Potafo is an online food delivery service based in Kozhikode. It collaborates with many local restaurants in the city. If a customer needs their favorite food, they can place an order through the Potafo app or website, and the food will be delivered to their home promptly. Potafo serves every corner of Kozhikode. The service is known for its fast delivery process and high-quality service. The Potafo head office is located at Thanveer Complex, Zilla Bungalow Road, West Nadakkavu, Vellayil, Kozhikode.

Seekrets is a women’s innerwear online shopping service based in Kozhikode. The head office is located at Focus Mall, Kozhikode. A standout feature of Seekrets is its commitment to creating a comfortable shopping environment for women; it employs an all-female sales staff to enhance customer comfort. The service offers high-quality products with a versatile selection, catering specifically to the needs and preferences of its clientele.


Yes, Kozhikode is also enjoying a significant share of e-commerce growth alongside the rest of the world. From a past dominated by offline shopping, e-commerce has simplified the shopping experience tremendously. And it is likely to become even more straightforward in the coming years if technology continues to impact us as it has been. More web design and web development companies, as well as e-commerce platforms, are preparing to enter the market. The impact of technology on each generation is profound. There’s no need to look back before 2000; simply reviewing the statistics post-2000 provides all the necessary insights.

Take education as a simple example. Ten years ago, teachers primarily used chalkboards and straightforward lectures. Now, many have integrated projectors and the internet into their teaching methods to simplify their jobs and enhance student understanding. If this trend continues, traditional classroom lectures might soon become just a memory. A decade ago, students relied solely on textbooks and notebooks for learning. Today, the majority of students use the internet for their educational needs, greatly simplifying the process. Experts predict that if this trend continues, physical schools and colleges might become obsolete in future generations. The rise of platforms like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Instagram are further examples of technological advancements. This is the pace of technological growth.

Humanity has traveled a long path from having nothing to having almost everything at our fingertips. Indeed, it has been a long journey and there is still much ahead. Currently, we have the internet to satisfy nearly all our needs. Yes, technology is at the peak of its development. What will it bring in the future years? Will it be a boon or a bane for our society? Let’s wait and see.