Marketing is the process of promoting a specific product to get people’s attention, hence gaining popularity and ultimately having a very good business. Then, what will be digital marketing? Many of you will be familiar with this. Yes, the same promoting process but through digital channels. These digital channels include websites, social media, search engines, email, and mobile apps. Today, we are living in a digital world and businesses mostly focus on digital marketing rather than old marketing trends. This article is about the role of digital marketing in E-Commerce. Let’s see how crucial is digital marketing for E-Commerce.

Importance of Digital Marketing in E-Commerce

E-commerce is ruling the world like a boss at present. Today there are many E-Commerce sites. For the majority, the reason behind this may be the simplicity and comfortability offered by E-Commerce. Yes, it is also a reason for the success of E-Commerce. But is it the only reason for the success of E-Commerce? No, not at all. For a product to gain public interest, marketing is a must. Hence, digital marketing is very very important for any E-Commerce business. It is due to digital marketing, the products are getting great popularity. Now let’s see how digital marketing helps E-Commerce businesses.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very crucial factor for any E-Commerce business. The role of SEO is to help people find your E-Commerce website using specific keywords and hence produce website traffic. SEO helps your E-Commerce business to have a vast reach and this will surely result in a very good profit and revenue for your business. SEO creates quality content with certain keywords that people have a chance to search for. Didn’t you hear “content is king”? If you are not keeping your website SEO friendly, Google never mines your website sometimes. Also, you won’t be listed in the search pages. You will not get that immense reach and only a few will know about your business eventually leading your business to loss. Hence, for an E-Commerce business to be a success, the presence of SEO is very imperative.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is one of the best ways of digital marketing at present. We all know that social media has got a humungous following and if you use social media as a marketing platform, you can gain a very good profit. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp are the main social media giants that can help you in marketing. Start an account in all of these platforms and post regularly about your product. As social media has a huge following, many will view your posts, and if impressed they will follow your business. Social media helps E-Commerce to generate huge revenue. Studies show that the majority of orders from social media are from Facebook (85% of all orders).
  • E-Mail Marketing: Many new platforms have been established and tasted success as a result of technological advancement. But still, e-mail, which has been there, for a long time didn’t get affected by any of these latest platforms. A study showed that in 2013, the total number of e-mail accounts worldwide was 3.9 billion, and in 2017, it extended to 4.9 billion. The reason behind this is that for the majority of online procedures, you require an e-mail account. May it be for starting social media accounts, may it be for registering for any examinations online, may it be for starting an account on any online shopping site, e-mail is very crucial. Without an e-mail account, it will be difficult for anyone. As most people have an e-mail account, it is also one of the best platforms to perform digital marketing and will help a lot to reach your regular customers.
  • Mobile Marketing: 10 years ago, the majority of people used personal computers or laptops to browse the internet and perform certain online procedures. But the current situation is completely different. Yes, people use personal computers and laptops but mobile phones had a great revolution. Mobiles have become an integral part of people’s lives and they depend on mobile phones for almost everything. People without a smartphone will be way too less at present. Hence, mobile phones are playing a crucial role at present. You can collect your customer’s mobile phone number and can reach him/her through SMS and mobile apps. It is found that 70% of mobile users use apps and hence apps are the core of mobile marketing. A study shows that the Asian Market has seen a 240% growth in E-Commerce mobile marketing since 2014 and you can imagine what is the present situation.

Benefits of Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing provides many benefits for any E-Commerce website development company. Let’s have a look at some of the crucial benefits,

  • Cost-Effective than traditional marketing
  • Higher return on investment from your campaigns
  • Helps to compete with anyone, no matter how large your opponent is
  • Earn people’s trust and build brand reputation
  • Allows you to target your ideal buyers
  • Helps to attain a vast reach as the majority of people are active online
  • Helps to attain quick publicity
  • Helps to acquire higher revenues
  • Helps to monitor your competitors
  • Digital marketing enables you to check how many people have searched your link, hence you can avoid all the negatives and focus on areas that provide better results. Therefore, digital marketing gives measurable results.


Good E-Commerce sites will utilize all the available digital marketing platforms. Such is the advantage provided by these digital tools. Digital marketing can also help E-Commerce website development companies which just started their business. The success of E-Commerce is not only due to its simplicity and comfortability but also due to digital marketing. Digital marketing is such a pillar for any E-Commerce website. Remember traditional marketing is not up to the mark at present, so try to utilize digital marketing as much as you can. Try to change accordingly and remember if you do not have that ability to change according to trends, you cannot survive in this field.