What is Objective Web Design?

Objective Web Designing is a method by which the owner identifies his company goals or objectives and lead to a result based cycle process of web designing and development that includes measurable web parameters. Start with identifying the goal you need to achieve from the web design. It may be to get more customers interested in a particular topic for instance. Start the design process only after this step is completed. The design steps taken as the first step is a serious mistake matching to the objectives of a particular firm or individual. So it is important to create the projects from the ideas, before the design starts.

What is Page Objective

Each of your website pages needs an objective. The visitor must also understand it. For example designing a contact page or about us page, must represent the data in simple ways. Giving images and drawing are also a much better than simple texts to make things understand. Do not just copy from the well established websites, instead just think whether each of the information that you are adding will go with the company objectives and targets.

How Objective Web Design Works:

Objectives are classified as phases. The early phase contains the most important ones, and later contains more complex, which are decided with the website performances. The phases are made to monthly objectives. The reports of your website performance are sent to you weekly. This makes it a cyclical process of development as shown below in the image. The tasks are focused as user experience works, company goals and mission tasks, website performance tasks or as combinations of above, or as exclusive tasks that depends on each of the firm.

The website that you design must not be a one time static web page. Instead you need to measure its performance. The design should be made in a way that allows us to measure parameters that are related to our targets. This method is developing the website along with your set of goals. This also identifies the tasks that need to be invested with more money and time. Those tasks that won’t come up with outputs needed for the company or individual are removed. Thus avoiding the efforts and mistakes that require more time to be corrected.

How to Get Started with Objective Web Design:

Before the design process, set up your goals in a paper. It is not necessary to write down all of your goals at the first sittings. You can later note down what other ideas and targets you get. After the first set of goals, been identified, we can create a very simple objective web design to form an easy to use website, with a little data on it.

The later stages gives us more ideas on how the targeted audience can be attracted. This differs from person to person. Some of the tips that might help you involves:



1: Express Clearly on What you Offer.

2: Make the reader feel that their goals can be achieved with you; or Not.

3: Describe the Organization’s experience in the field.

4: Provides Answers to the question that audience is more likely to ask you.

5: Improve your Objectives with user surveys, analytics and trends.

The Role of Web Designer in Objective Web Design:

The job of the web designer is to keep the visitor attracted to the website. This may result in keeping the data well organized and designed attractively. Even if the data is in small in number, it is important to make the visitors feel good on the site. They must be never confused with the web page arrangements.

Tips that the Web Designer must have:


1: Designer must understand the purpose of the website.

2: Designer must have an idea, how the owner likes to represent the data.

3: Designer needs to know the exact audience of the website.

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To Conclude, The process of Objective Web Design Simply Means:

Know the Company/Individual’s Goal and Objectives

Communicate the Objectives to the Designers and Developers.

Once done in an efficient manner, you can achieve a good internet presence.