Digital Marketing Emergence
Companies invested in promoting their product and services through TV, newspaper ads, billboard etc. But now because of the high impact of the digital world, industries now prefer to play on the various digital marketing platforms. This includes very effective procedures like search engine advertising  SEO, email marketing, social media marketing etc. The current investment in the digital

Last year the investment to the digital marketing accounts to $3.82 billion; and is expected to rise to $5.80 billion by 2015. This increase in the trust to the digital marketing is a sign of how the firms enjoy the benefits of such marketing strategies.

The emergence of the internet has created a new era in the marketing too. We can now use very effective tools like CRM system and a Web Analytics tool. These enable us in saving a lot of time in the data collection, analysis, decision making, promotions etc. The digital world helps us in informing from the service improvements and product advancements to the sales process. In short, people spend their important time on the internet, than they do before television, radio or print source. What does this mean? The Marketing done in this digital platform, will surely create high hope for the business developments.

In this article, we aim to bring the main types of effective digital marketing methods. Each of the types has its own benefits. Understand the types will help you how to focus your investments in the digital marketing sector. Following are the different types of Digital Marketing:

1. Email Marketing

A proper method must be implemented for collecting the email database. This is very important because it decides how well the potential customers are going to read your mail. Make the mail very attractive with graphics to display the discounts. This same design must be used on your website. Include easy procedures for online booking, online payments, etc. for the customers. You can use many email marketing tools that analysis how well you are doing the email marketing. These tools also help you in gathering answers from the customers for the questions, that can improve your firm. This image is a email template that can be used

2. Advertisements

Give advertisements to public website that have a great chance of potential customer visits. There are many different areas where you can give your ads. It needs to be created in a good design. Highlighting special offers are done, by most of the companies. Make the audience feel that; on seeing the ad, they need to know more about the product you are selling. Following are the different types of of web spaces for giving your advertisements.

2.a Ads Locally in the search engines

When a person makes a search query related to the automobiles, the search engines examine the location also. The search results will depend on this location data. Customers generally prefer to get the local search results for such kind of queries. So placing your ads to search engine results page that show regions near the physical shop location, is a good move. Many of the local residents are happy to see the information on a store near them. They have a chance to spend more time in knowing the business near to them.

2.b Content sites related to automobiles

There are many popular blogs that give the contents related to the automobiles. These are read and followed by people who are interested in knowing the latest automobile updates. Having an ad on these popular blogs can make its visitors notice about the firm. The company ad has a high chance of getting a click from the people who desire to buy a vehicle that you sells. The clicked user needs to be welcomed with simple and attractive content of what he was looking for.

2.c Online auto magazines

The online auto magazine gets very high traffic from the cars and bike lovers. Users who read online magazine continuously update their knowledge about the automobile. Such websites contain articles from the experts that also includes the comparisons of vehicle performance. They also write about the new technological advancements. The readers will defiantly have an interest in buying new vehicles. Such audiences can be attracted with specially designed company ads.

2.d Car forum websites and auto expo websites:

There are many car forum websites that have huge traffic. They get thousands of unique visitors daily. The car enthusiast engage themselves in the discussions with their reviews and comments. The main intention of these websites is to drive attention to car dealers and the potential customers. So giving ads on those websites will surely increase your visitors.

2.e While watching the video, YouTube

People who are going to buy a vehicle also looks the videos of it. Having watched the videos, people get more information about the designs and looks. Since it is hard to really see the upcoming vehicles from the launching event, people prefer to see videos of it. The first option in getting the video is to go to YouTube, which is the most popular video serving website.

Giving ads in the YouTube has also proven to be successful. This starts from giving homepage advertisement that is seen on the YouTube home page to those short video ads seen at the beginning of the uploaded videos. The home page ad will run you about $300,000 for 24 hours. But other cheap adoptions are also available. Giving a 30 second ad that also has an option to skip off after 5 seconds can also be focused. You will be charged only if a user watches the complete ad. The customer also has a chance to return back to the advertisement by clicking the thumbnail at the bottom.

3. Social Media Marketing

Regular posting in the Social Media helps to build brand awareness to the customers. People find this as their favorite method of getting updates and information about their interested products. Communication is made to the most easy and attractive way by the emergence of social media. Nice and user friendly design helps us to get instant feedback from different kinds of users. The social media promotion is also very inexpensive method for your company promotions. You can update from anywhere.

Do regular posting on the social media and allow users to comment. The art of sharing from the user also helps you to build the brand awareness. People love to express themselves and they find social media as the perfect way to do it.There are popular social media tools like North Social, SproutSocial etc. used for analysis how well you are doing in the social media.

4. Search Engine Optimization

People have started using the search engine for everything. This includes the search inquiries for buying the automobiles too. People get the latest news about the vehicles only through online. They need not wait for the TV programs to view the details of any vehicle. Potential customers also search to get information about the dealership too.

According to Revolution Magazine, it says that 87% of the clicks of the online queries goes to organic search results. This shows us, how important it is to invest in search engine optimization. Web site ranking in the popular search keywords is very important to get customers. The popular search engines update their search algorithm more often and so properly and continuous website optimization is needed.

Some of the most important website optimization include, giving keywords in the website content, titles, meta keywords, meta descriptions, headings, URL etc. The keyword research procedure gives the keywords, after checking the search volume locally and globally. Some other factors like making fresh contents, company promotions via blogging and article submissions are also important. The promotions need to be performed in the unique manner because the search engine checks whether every content of us are copied from another website. Following these basic steps, SEO also includes finding and analyzing the competitive strategies too.

5. Blog Marketing

Company details of vehicle showroom price lists, offers, seasonal discount can also promoted via professional blogging. The charts and reports can be highlighted. With proper professional content writers a large number of customers can be driven through proper call to action at the end of the articles. People can also share these articles in their social media. Special contests can also be announced. Blogging helps you to highlight the images and videos.

6. Mobile Optimized Website

The smart phone sales have rapidly increased in recent years. People now prefer to search in their mobile as they get updates and information while they are out of their office or home. Surveys show a considerable amount of rise in the mobile search that relates to the automobile searches. The percentage had risen from 17% in 2010 to 24% in 2011 and to 31% in the last year. This gives us the data, how efficient it is to give importance to mobile search queries. For creating a better user experience for the mobile users, the website must be mobile optimized. The search engine also prefers those websites that are mobile optimized.

Automobile purchases happens after analyzing various data. So all of the information must be well shown on the mobile sites. It may happen that a website with horizontal scrolling may fail to show some data regarding the vehicle that a user is searching for. Having a mobile optimized website also makes you dominate over your competitors who do not have one. Only a better user experience makes a customer to come back to the same website. These optimized websites are needed at mobiles that do not support Java scripts. The home page structure must be changed to a design view-able on the small screen. The image shows how a website not mobile optimized appears, and how a mobile optimized site appears.

Building a Digital Marketing Plan

The scope of internet marketing is very huge, with the chance of getting a large number of audience. Doing digital marketing enable you to get potential audiences and can lead them to customers. SeaMedia understands the importance and opportunity of the digital marketing and how well it is going to bring an increase in the sales. Joining us for the digital marketing plans can help you understand the market as well as emerging high beyond your competitors. Contact us at [email protected] or call us at +91 494 2941731