Why a Mobile App for Ecommerce

We now use a phone not just to call or text message, we read on it, gets updates, play with it and even reserve a room after booking a travelling ticket with it. Mobile Apps are one of the best ways that a company can develop to interact with their customers. This interaction has created a new way of revenue to ecommerce projects. Besides just selling products there are many services that your audience can love to have like a mobile customer service  and complaint management solutions too. Companies can take this opportunity by building a mobile app for ecommerce to reach the masses very easily due to the availably of smart phones now. The approach will be highly welcomed by the audience due to easily available and easily touch managed mobiles.

Good Responses from the Mobile Audience

Mobile Apps are extensively used by people and it grows more rapidly than the time used for text messaging and voice calling or web browsing. The most used mobile apps come in the banking and travel purposes that allows making the payment, transfer funds, check account status and much more. The mobile app usage will also grow drastically in India as we now get a cheapest Smartphone for Rs 1500 and a tablet for Rs 3000.

Scope of Mobile Ecommerce App

Mobile App gives the opportunity to interact with products in the most easy and simple way. Customers can easily view the company product details with touch, type or speech. The ability of the mobile apps with always available and connected is the most effective method that we can get. The scope of mobile app for e-commerce is expected to be very high. It is calculated that the sales initiated through mobiles will increase by 30 times in the next 5 years. One of the most highlighted features that ecommerce mobile apps can offer is to give alerts to the customers on products as it happens. This could be product offers, news, events or other that the company decides on its strategies.

Mobile apps discovered in the solution to the customer complaints are also welcomed. This makes a more pleasing experience for the customer in interacting with the company. They do not need to wait for the company representatives over a phone call to register a complaint.

The scope of the ecommerce mobile app is very high as it helps at:

  1. Allows user to Shop from anywhere, while they travel, wait for trains, outdoors etc.
  2. Can collect customer feedback and data collection for survey campaigns.
  3. Can keep track about the history and usage pattern of the customers.
  4. More mobile app options can influence the purchase decisions.
  5. Easy sharing of company details while customers meet.

Building with Focused Mobile Technologies

The leading mobile platforms like iOS for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Phone also gives developers a challenge with a huge number of different types of devices. The developer needs to test on many mobile devices to view the look and feel of the mobile app. This makes the development of mobile ecommerce app more complicated than just converting a normal website to the mobile version.

So some experts reviews that a company must look its type of potential customers to focus and those device standards that have more of its customer usage. Developers works at leading mobile technologies for ecommerce using HTML5 and CSS3 later to cross-platform mobile frameworks. The voice search technologies are also improving in its path that helps the end users to have speedy and smart natural language oriented searching, eliminating the need of typing with the small keyboard screen.

Disadvantage of mobile apps over a mobile website

  1. More effort in building as well as testing on many device systems.
  2. Highly dedicated users only installs a mobile app.
  3. May uninstall and break the company connection due to less hardware phones.
  4. Credit card passwords and address typing in small screens

But once a user installs a mobile app surveys says that he spends 40% more time than to a mobile site. Consider this Indian ecommerce mobile apps from FlipKart and Yebhi.com below.

Building the Best Mobile User interface

Designing a good user interface is very important in the mobile app development. There were mobile apps that delivered more functionalities dropped down with similar mobile apps that gave very attractive user interface. This also comes as an uninstalling factor among the user; experts say a poor user interface android app will not be opened more than 5 times, resulting in the uninstalling.

So as far an ecommerce mobile app is concerned; showing products and prices may be enough. Companies need to build very clear navigational interface that allows users to view related products, compare similar products and read user reviews. The shopping with mobile apps must be easier that takes the customers to use mobile apps on their need. Customers must use his online store from his pocket to order food for a sudden party, purchase new electronics  devices that came to the market or to get customer services for household or office works. People can now shop on the spot when they see a product like searching a jewelry worn by another, buying a sport cycle of your neighborhood.

Good user interface design for social media networking for reviews and comments along with the brand awareness can also be targeted with same priority.

Online Payment with Mobile

One of the obstacles that comes in the customer mobile app usage is the of vagueness payment systems. Most of the common mobile app users are unclear about the buying process. Some also refuse to type their credit card details and passwords from a mobile. Services from PayPal, Amazon Payments and digital wallets like Google Wallet helps to undertake the payment process. It will take time to make all the customers feel comfortable on the mobile payment and more improved payment method will surely come enabling with a single tap . There are chances and hope of paying with mobile service providers.

Mobile devices with NFC technologies can also be used for payment that can be used in the contactless payment systems. This is practically made possible in collaboration with the Google Apps like Google wallet that stores the credit card details of consumers to pay small transactions at terminals. India will soon implement this new payment system at the box office that allows customers to pay movie tickets with just a wave of their mobile. Get Started with our mobile development services.