Indian eCommerce and Need for SEO

India has witnessed the success of many web based business that came up with brilliant ideas. The hope for the Indian eCommerce business is also very huge. People prefer to shop online as they can easily access the products over the internet. Companies in India also provide service like cash on deliveryfree shipping and even cash back if the customer do not like the product. People search first at search engines to buy products online. This makes the Indian eCommerce companies to show up their results in the top of the search results. With keywords like the product name – “buy” “cheap” “sale” “online shopping” etc., the major shopping website appears at the top presently.

SEO is a process by which the websites ranking in the search results is improved by the various optimization process. It increases the traffic to the website diverting customers from the search results. But optimizing a shopping website, where there are many product pages and more to be added up dynamically; is very difficult. So doing SEO for an e-commerce website in India is very important and quite challenging. Customers are driven to the website with the search engine optimization process. For example when a user search buy samsung mobiles, the Flipkart appears at the top even top to the official website of Samsung. See the screen shot below.

Flipkart is undoubtedly one of the major Indian eCommerce company in India. Flipkart which was founded in 2007, now offers various payment methods like cash on delivery, credit and debit cards, net banking, e-gift vouchers etc.

The First Steps in Optimizing the eCommerce Website

The first step in the eCommerce SEO process is to analysis the goals of the company to build up a good marketing campaign. Then you must research and find out the perfect keywords needed for the promotion of your firm. These keywords must be included on your website. Build quality and unique contents on your website that makes it easy way to gain good ranking with search engine friendly crawling structure. Along with this analysis of the competitor website as well as search engine performance is to be considered.

Why the eCommerce Site Structure comes Important

An eCommerce website must provide a very good site structure. The visitors must not be confused with the site navigation. The same applies to the search engine crawling algorithms. The sitemap must be search engine friendly and developing as RSS feed would be great. The created sitemap must be submitted to major search engines like google, Yahoo, MSN etc. and give product categories links as breadcrumbs on the top of the page. A visitor must understand where he is with the site structure. For instance Flipkart does it like the image shown below.

Quality backlinks and Social Promotions for eCommerce website

Do quality backlinking for your website from the popular directories and classified sites. Search for the niche related social bookmarking websites to promote your product pages with keywords and descriptions. There are 1000s of social bookmarking websites but identify those that are company related and having high page rank. You can also make an Addthis widget on your websites that allows your customers to share the web page on many social websites. They can also make an email to their friend. Created good article from content writers to be posted at various popular article directories. You can create content to be submitted to websites like and Give contents of the products and services with a backlink to your website. Make sure the link does not go more than two. Do regular social media posting with images or videos at Facebook, twitter google plus Linkedin and interest. Giving updates with the product image and price on it will be great. All these works can drive more traffic to the website and improve page rank.

Analyzing the eCommerce SEO Works

Get the free analyzing tool from Google Analytics that gives various analysis reports of your website. Even if there are many reports and you might be confused, it is better to note down the following important ones:

  • Check how many people visited your website
  • Check how many visitors came from search engines
  • Check the visitors of each of the products
  • Check the transactions

Follow our e-commerce blog for the upcoming eCommerce Website Analysis blog post. To summarize get this image of important steps in the Indian eCommerce SEO process to achieve good ranking.

Getting eCommerce SEO Website Marketing Service

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