Online Searching to find a store around you has been increasing in recent years. Every day many people search online to get the local business. But there are stores around you that don’t even have a website that shows their products and services. We can find hundreds of such stores here in Calicut city in the state of Kerala, an Indian state. We look forward to analysis how we can make these business listings in the search results. With this article you are going to learn the importance of local listing to make your business visible in search results.

Giving local listing with internet marketing is now very effective just as the traditional methods of promotions using local newspapers, Yellow pages and TV channels. With the emergence of sophisticated mobile device, people can now get the store information on his mobile. Getting a birthday gift to your special ones when suddenly knowing the birthday will be easy now with a mobile search. Getting a car repair service while at a car breakdown can also be solved similarly. This makes it so important to consider the local listing promotional works.

Now even if you do not own a website, there are ways to rank your listing high on search engines. This is done by listing your stores on the local listing websites. When these listings are done in a proper way with correct usage of keywords, it will surely produce sales. Your store might be a one that needs local customers. People search service keywords along with the place like Hotels in Calicut, Kozhikode Hotels, Stay in Calicut etc. Many of such customers can be captured at online search results. Some of the popular searches that included the local places like Calicut | Kozhikode | Kochi | Kerala were: “Packages resorts”, “Courier”, “Health care”, “Villas”, “Tourisms”, “Honeymoon Package” etc.

Whenever someone makes a search query with a place on Google, the map results also come along with it. This is shown in the right side of the search results. See how it shows the search results for the “Hotels in Calicut”

So the first thing to do is to submit your physical location at Google Places. It is free. If some other have spotted some business in your area, you can request and claim it. Similarly add your details on other popular maps service of BingYahooOviFoursquare etc. People can find your store, rate, comment and get details on when to contact you. You must add the Company Name, Address and Phone Number same for all listings. Getting reviews and uploading photos or videos must also be done.

Local Listings

Local listing can be done in small, medium and big business owners. There are many professional companies in western countries that understands the importance of local listings. This trend has not come up here in Kerala, but might be a key factor in determining the sales in the next coming years. The prices are really affordable comparing those the company spends in other marketing campaigns like printings and exhibitions. Get a look at this listing that also gives reviews and tips beside the company information.

You can also include the discount information or special seasonal offers on your listings. Getting photos on latest products is also recommended to do.

Listing in the local directories helps a company to get people informed about the existence of such a business store. People get your company details at their comfort from their home. The local masses get an idea about the types of products and services that you are offering. Getting listed in these directories also popularizes your business worldwide. But finding those local listing websites that can add value to your business is an important step. Watch below video to know how important it is to consider the local listing for a company.

Seamedia provides all the basic necessary local listings needed for your firm. Your company details are given to the local listing and are promoted; with the intention to popularize the firm among local audience. This increase a greater chance of getting your company visible in the search engines. We create a complete unique profile page for your company based on your targets and instructions. We give your company a niche identity with this online marketing plan. With our local listing service we can assure that it would be advantageous for your company in the long run.

How to get started? Please contact us with your details: The important information that we require so as to complete your profile page include: Name of your Company: Address | Physical Location: Phone Number to Contact the Company: Address to Contact the Company: Email Id: Links of Photos and Videos of the Company: