Are You Conscious About Alexa?

Some of you must have experienced a decrease in the Alexa ranking even if the visitor traffic went up. Most of the users think that Alexa rank is calculated with the factors like visitors, bounce rate and time spend on the site; while some others thinks there is another hidden factor like the quality of the traffic visits. This is true to some extends and can be understood by this blog article on the factors to increase Alexa ranking.

An increase in the figure in the Alexa ranking do not mean you are doing bad, it may also occur due to other similar websites doing better than you. Take this example stated in the that says a website named – had 800 visitors per day. The Alexa rank was 63,000. The same website after some days got a few more traffic but the Alexa rank went down to 189,000. To check how is the ranking of your website; submit your site link by clicking How to check my Alexa ranking?

What is Alexa?

Alexa was formed in 1996 by creating a way to measure website popularity parameters like traffic, reach, visitors and other based on the country. The Alexa came more popular due to the feature of knowing important data of one’s competitor. The Alexa rank is a number ranging from 1 that is given to the most popular website in the world, to a large number probably like 25,000,000 given to the least popular website in the world. Alexa also measures the traffic by the countries.

Why not needed to consider Alexa

But Alexa ranking must not be given huge importance just because it is a ranking based on the visitors that installed  the Alexa toolbar. Even if you have got a few visitors that installed the Alexa toolbar, it is automatically calculated as a much more visitors. If 5% of web users have installed Alexa toolbar, making your website 10 visitors with the Alexa toolbar, it will be calculated as 200 visitors. This is how we can increase Alexa Ranking in a short period of time. But follow the Google Analytics tools to get website visitors to your site as the primary tool.

Why Alexa is important in some cases?

Your Alexa ranking is examined by those who tends to put the ad on your website. This figure comes as a trusted parameter for them. The ranking is also looked by those who tends to buy your website. This makes it to highlight 2 points that Alexa ranking is important

1: To those who needs an ad on your website.

2: To those who wants to buy your website.

It is possible to make a good improvements in your website and increase Alexa ranking in days.

How to increase Alexa Ranking

  1. Go to and register.
  2. Add your website at the Alexa dashboard, and verify.
  3. Install the Alexa toolbar from into your browser.
  4. You need to install the same toolbar at the system of your colleagues too.
  5. Make the collegues visit the website, making an increase in the Alexa traffic.
  6. Create the Alexa toolbar for the website that shows RSS updates etc.
  7. Build an Alexa widget and copy paste the javascript on your html page.
  8. Making the readers review your website from the Alexa will increase Alexa Ranking.
  9. Alexa considers backlinks and can be increased via linking to your blogs and pages by niche related blog comments.
  10. Increase the contents with good quality and share at social media for more traffic.
  11. Add a download and install option from the Alexa toolbar at the main website.
  12. This can also be added on the blog pages to increase the chance of getting visitors from alexa toolbar installed system.
  13. Go to Alexa and compare your websites with your competitors.
  14. Just like this, write a blog and link to

Many experts says that it is by the process of SEO that one can increase the Alexa ranking in a smart way, Yes SEO is a method of increase the position of the website in the search results. This is achieved only by a good practice of on-page and natural link building methods as we do at our search engine optimization services.