Benefits of an eCommerce Store

Recent years show us eCommerce or Online shopping is turning as a great success business in India. People can buy the products from any place, day or night. The method of online shopping can revolutionize the Indian market. The term eCommerce can be a little technical to the Indian customers; but in fact this simple business model is very quick and easy that also includes a high opportunity of finding customers through the internet.

How Indian Business responded to eCommerce

In India, we see many big and small businesses adopting the online shopping service to sell their products and services. Recent years have shown more companies switching to ecommerce. This is because of its easy and worry less buying feature. This also made competitions among the Indian firms; and so many companies allocate more in the online shopping promoting investments too. Companies use different marketing method to attract more visitors and motivates them to purchase.

Understanding Your Market and Attracting the Customers

This article can give you the basic guidelines on the design of your ecommerce store. Always keep your targeted customers on the mind while designing the online store. It is seen that more online shopping has done with websites having appealing display. So make sure your website communicates more by graphics too. Understand the importance and latest trends on the different types of customers.

Note down the key points of your market like: If your online shopping website is for women apparel business; make it appealing to women, If for kids; give attractive color and toy images with cartoon characters. If selling  electronic product; understand that the customer needs a comparison feature of the products, as the purchase amount is a little high and they need to know about all the similar products. View the following Indian Online audience report from

How to Design an Ecommerce Product Page

Since there will be many products to be included, we must create a product page template. This template design will be followed to all of your product pages, automatically. The product page must be graphically appealing. The product page template needs to be designed with very good and simple designs. The fold area of this page must be filled with very clear and very small data. Too much of data at the top of the product page is annoying. Always make sure that the users need to spend more time on your website and must be supported on the purchase actions. Each of the product categories can create a strategy to achieve this.

People love to see the product images but make sure that you do not make high resolution images on the page. This takes product page time to load. Instead you can give a small sized image with high resolution images being loaded only when the user clicks on it. With the images you need to give correct information like the product name, that include the model name also; the price and the purchase button. The product description can be made with a sentence with a read more button that makes the pointer lower on the page. Give importance to color also.

Indians are Cautious on the Payment Process

There are a huge number of potential Indian buyers, who would love to shop the products you sell. But this isn’t happening. The most primary reason for this is that; they do not trust the online payment methods just like they makes a normal purchase. They refuse to type their bank passwords on purchase. But this will change as the introduction of ATM in the country years back, also took time for people to trust in it.

Make users informed that your website is secure. Once if a user finds it troubling on the online payment either with the failed transactions or taking much time on the purchase; he will not recommend the website to his friends or family. So make sure you have the best payment methods available in the country. You can display the security certificate to communicate that the client’s data are safe on the purchase.

Also include all possible methods of payment on your website like credit and debit cards, PayPal and cash on delivery methods. Different customers use different kinds of financial services. But surveys say that cash on delivery is the most preferred method of payment in India. People feel this a more secure method of purchase. Flipkart is seen very much successful implementing this cash on delivery methods. However the payment classification chart is shown here, by

Some Extra Points…

Your eCommerce website must be user friendly. This applies to all kinds of targeted customers. The home page must be updated weekly. On the home page give very high attractive posters of the product or celebrities of brands. You can also give the featured deals. Indian customers need to answer their questions on the online payment, which requires an online customer support system. Client satisfaction must be given importance. A satisfied client will surely recommend your website to others. Give options to share the web pages in the user’s social networks. Also make them follow your social profiles with regular updates on the product offers, new arrivals etc..

Give importance to navigational aspects. All the customer must understand how they are being guided. You can use bigger breadcrumbs to make your customer understand the product categories and subcategories. An irregular navigation makes the customer irritated and might leave the website. Add product filters and “related products” along with this in the product page.

After the Basic Designing Steps

It is seen that most of the customers starts the search from a search engine. So after setting up this major design issue you can switch your focus on the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). People search the product and the model name along with keywords like “buy”, “cheap”, “price”, “rate”. So make sure you do proper SEO for your websites.

SEO can be said as the method of digital marketing. You can also focus on other marketing strategies like email marketing, social media promotions, web ads etc. We will be posting the blogs related to above – SEO and Marketing Steps soon. If you are planning to build an ecommerce website in India, follow and Bookmark our eCommerce blogs to get updated on the latest Indian eCommerce trends and guidelines.

All of the points above; once followed in a proper way can help you generate excellent revenue from the shopping made by your customers. Good Luck.

How to get Started to Create an eCommerce Web Store

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