There are many SEO ranking factors that can make the search engine crawlers consider our website more relevant to the associated keywords. Here in this blog post that comes on our SEO blogs of SeaMedia, we consider the SEO work checklists that must start with the on page works.

SEO factors that improve the ranking

Beside making the web pages and designs to attract the customers, we usually miss out some of the basic tips to improve page rank. So it is very important to understand these points and SEO factors that improve the ranking of your website. All of the points must be well done for both small and big websites. The following are the things to do before the link building process are to be done. We have categorized the SEO factors as 1: Website content related, 2: URLs and Link navigation related and finally 3: General tips and Analysis. Most importantly you know that the keyword must be in the content of your web page. A wrong keyword that is absent in the website; if linked with the link building may not turn to be in a good way as needed.

Top 20 SEO Ranking Factors related to Website Content

Page Title

Giving the keywords in the page title is very important in getting a higher position in search engine results, that must kept short as 70 characters.

Meta Description

Give the keywords in the meta description and write sentences that best describes your web page.

Meta Keywords

Give the related high demand keywords at the meta keyword section with including a long tail keyword that best suits your web page.

H1 tags

Do not forget to give h1 tags in your webpage with the headline made with the keyword.

Single h1

Never give multiple h1 tags in the same webpage, instead you must provide only one.

H2 tags

Include keywords in h2 tags that can be made in those texts that comes as a subsection of the h1 headline

Keywords in body

After identifying the most suitable keyword phrases that related your web page, make that phrase come 2 or 3 times in the body.

Keyword Consistency

Never stuff keywords, by repeating a same set of keywords many times; instead maintain a steady consistency like 4 times in 300 words.

Highlighting keywords

You can highlight the keywords like making it bold, or italics or as underlining; making it noticeable to the users as well as to the search engines.

Text-HTML ratio

Some crawlers calculate text to html ratio of each page and affects the page ranking if the ratio is too low.

Copy Checking

Check your web page content with the online copy checker to make it a unique content on the web.

Important Keywords

Once a set of keywords related to your website sections are made select the important keywords to be included in the body after finding the search volumes from the audience.

Breadcrumb Links

Reduce the bounce rate by giving breadcrumbs at the top or bottom of your page by making the audience easy navigation to their required page.

No.of Images

Even though images attracts audience, the number of images can be reduced if it takes time to load; instead you may try the loading of images on scrolling down.


Set up a Blog, to post new contents that can contain related keywords for the customers to view at the search engines and by increasing the impression of the web pages

Image Search

Give Logo Name with Keywords, so that an image search may also bring your company logo in the search results.

Animation Texts

Replace Usage of Flash with html components so that the search engine crawlers can read the text inside it quite easily.

Image Naming

Give images names with keywords for image search bots to display and make a link to your website from the image search results.

Image ALT-tags

Give ALT tags on images with keywords, as the search engine uses image bits.

Image Description

Use Image Description with keywords for the image search bots to display the images of your company at image results.

Top 20 SEO Ranking Factors related to URLs and Links

URL keywords

Give the best keywords in the URL that suits the web page, one of the most important ranking factors.

Keywords Links

Give Footer Inner Pages Links, to support and make the subpages more visible to search engine crawlers and to increase keyword ranking

Logo Linking

Link Logo to Homepage, for making easy navigation to the main page from the inner sub pages for better navigation options.

URL dashes

Replace underscore with dashes in the URL; to make the web link available in search results for both of the keywords rather that keyword1_keyword2.

Simple URLs

Give names in URL to replace special symbols as such URLs are given low priority to be indexed, and are considered to be generated with codes from the website.

Random URLs

Give Modified page for random URLs with a message that such URL does not exist and possibly a link to the main page or contact texts to drive the customers.

Short URLs

Replace long URL with short ones, making keywords close to the domain names to get more priority in the search results.

Broken Links

Fix Broken links using XENU software that gives us the list of the status of all the links; so that we can work on 404 error status.

Uncrawlable Links

Fix the Crawl Error Pages from Google WebMaster results on the crawl status of the website.

Internal Links

Give considerable amount of internal links, not making much, but at least 2 or 3 from a page to your other inner pages.

NoFollow Links

Give rel=”nofollow” on external links to make the Google doesn’t count as the SEO factor of the linked page and to make the link only for the user’s help to read extra on the mentioned topic.

HTML sitemap

Make HTML Sitemap present in the website to show all the links of the website to be easily accessible for the users and crawlers.

XML Sitemap

Validate XML Sitemap to make the necessary changes in the xml file for easy reading for the search engines.

Sitemap Submissions

Submit the sitemap files to search engines to let them understand the website structure and levels of all the webpages to crawl and index.

Sitemap Structure

For large website with many webpages, collect the structure of Sitemap that shows the different levels of pages and priority level to understand how to give meta details like title, descriptions and keywords.

Crawlable Links

Use search engine crawl-able links, that makes all the link in the website reachable from the home page at least.

Link Position

Make the Important pages link from the top of the home page, as the crawlers give more importance to the link appearing at the top.

Link Title

Hyperlinks must contain title, so that users and crawlers can get more details on the page that it is heading to.

Home Link

Replace linking of index.html to to avoid duplication of content by search engines and by supporting the links coming from outside to in increasing the page rank.

Link Description

Use descriptive hyperlinks for internal links including the necessary words that describe the page that the page it is linked.

Top 20 SEO Ranking Factors that you miss out

Home Redirects

Avoid .com/index.html or .com/home by implementing a 301 redirect to correct version if such URL exists to focus the URL to a single one.

Social Space

Make Social Media Spaces Buttons on the home page to make visitors like or follow to get company updates on their social network feeds

Member Welcoming

Give Sign Up Option via Social Media to collect more information about our customers, there by finding and exploring more interests of them.

Home content

Give Dynamic content like latest tweets, user comments etc. at the home page, for page freshness.

Google Maps

Set up your place on Google Maps by pointing your store location and verifying the details given on the map listing; to improve local searches and search queries with place names.

Contact Map

Give the map to your website on the contact page to make the map services trust on the ownership of the map listings.

Language Option

Give Language option in html with codes for each of them, like lang=”en” for English.

Spam Blocker

To ensure the website does not contain any malware, checks Spam Blocker status and make sure your website is safe.

Safe Browsing

Similarly to Spam Blocker to ensure that the website is viewable to all Check the Safe Browsing feature is valid.

Create Favicon

Make Favicon Present which is the icon that comes with the web browser tabs.

Java script

The Java script that is used in the website must be crawable by search engine

Google Analytics

Install Google Analytics by keeping the Analytics script appear on all pages to analyze the performance of the website.

Google Webmaster

Install Google Webmaster tools by giving the Google unique ID on your website, or uploading the html file got from the webmaster.

Www Redirecting

Do www and non-www redirecting to a same page, to make the search engine crawlers understand that both must be treated as same website.

Loading Time

Check website loading time to fix those web components that takes longer time to load from the results of the pingdom tools.

Page Size

Make proper page size that comes under 100kb for easy loading for all visitors.

Rich snippets

Structured Data from for rich snippets, Making a photo or stars along the indexed search pages.


Make Robots.txt present in the website and are accessed through to include those sections which must not be crawled or indexed by the search engine crawlers.

Page Indexing

Check all pages are indexed in search engines like Google by typing site:URL in the search bar of Google.

Multi-Audience Option

Allow users to select options of different language and country, if you set up various versions of your website, like to show the product pricing in different currencies.

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