Before we talk about wordpress content management system, we can just discuss why need a content management website?. We can just take an example of a non-profit organization. As we know most of the organization frequently arranging some cultural, social initiative campaign, or some other community welfare awareness program. Lets us assume the organization have a static website and each time they conduct a new program they want to add the new events in their website so members from their organization get the details from the website and they can participate the events. How they can do this ? either they need own web master or need to hire a web developer each time to update the content. If they don’t have a dedicate webmaster they need to hire a web developer each time and it is expensive particularly for a non-profit organization.

Lets assume if we have systems that can easily update the contents and images from back end without help of a web developer or web master ?. Here wordpress comes!. It is a simple and easy to use and most popular content management (or blog) application widely using today. The simple back end system of wordpress (see the picture above) allow update and publish the content easily even with a basic knowledge in computer. A person without knowledge in HTML can easily manage the website using wordpress.

With wordpress you can easily add, edit, delete the contents, create new pages, add news & events, add images, add videos, share the content from social media website like facebook, twitter, youtube etc. Not just this you can do even more!.

WordPress is one of the fastest growing open source blogging platform and you can get it absolutely free. You can either download and install yourself or you can hire a web developer. But if you want to develop a your own theme and want to customize as per your requirement you need to hire a professional wordpress developer.

Blogging is now part of business and it will always supply a fresh content for your website. This will help you to keep high ranking in search engines and you can show how much you are serious about your business. The result is more people will trust your business and your business will grow. You can easily setup blog using wordpress applications.