Nowadays it is important to have an online presence to flourish your business marketing, For that having a website is very crucial. According to the studies, Online customers are very impatient. The website must load in less than four seconds because it causes loss of customer and income. Without the visitors your website is useless, So you want to attract visitors to your website.

Here are some top web design tips for faster loading website. The Visitors always prefer the fast loading website, Once they visit your website and have a better unique experience that will make the visitors return to your website.

Make Your Website Lighter

This is the main thing you will take in consider to increase the loading speed of your website. Make your website lighter, the main reason behind the long loading time is heavy web page, Smaller web pages will load faster than the heavy web pages. So delete the unwanted content, images and unwanted videos from the website to increase the loading speed.

If your website has a widespread audience, it’s important to use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to make sure your content is being cached and provided quickly. It will make sure their visitors from around the world have as fast an experience as possible.

Compressing the Web Page

A compressed website is very faster than any other uncompressed website. An uncompressed full size web page takes a lot of time to load. So you must compress the web page to have a better experience for your customers. The Web pages Compressing can easily possible by using the GZIP compression algorithm, popular web servers like Apache and IIS do this automatically on HTML, CSS and Javascript.

While loading the website, Compressing the web pages ensures that the server doesn’t need to send a lot of data to the page. So it take very low time to load your website

Long Page Vs Multiple Pages

Split the long Web pages into multiple pages that are shorter in length. One of the most reasons behind the slow loading of the website is the increase in the size of the Web pages. Having different pages for each helps visitors to identify the required page faster and avoid the long scroll bar on side of the page.

 Keep the Coding Clean

Google likes clean coding, So you must ensure that the whole coding used in your web page are clean. The JavaScript used in the web page must be used properly, Ensure that the images used in the website are optimized correctly. As we all know that the beautiful html is the foundation of a beautiful Website.

As the technologies and development communities change, your code style also needs to evolve with simple and clean. It helps your website to load faster with advanced technologies. By keeping the code clean, it not only helps your website to load faster also helps your SEO. It will rank high in search engine results for relevant keywords.

Reduce the Extra White Space

White Spaces in the website gives your website a unique look, but over using of this white space leads to a negative impact on load time. And also don’t bother about the removal of extra white space in the html. These will helps you to cut down the size of web page and increase the speed of page loading.

Optimize the Images

To enhance a better user experience, It is essential to include images in your website. Make sure that the images added in the website are optimized well. You must optimize the whole images in the website to get a better result in loading time. Make sure you use the image in the correct format:

  • Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG)
  • Portable Network Graphics (.PNG)
  • Graphic Interchange Format (.GIF)
  • Weepy (.WEBP)
  • Joint Photographic Experts Group (.JPEG or.JPG)

You will need to optimize the image for the website and compress it to ensure that it loads quickly and properly.

Evaluate your plugins

Plugins bring new features and better functionality to your website, but overusing of plugins can cause slow down your website performance. So to overcome this issue you need to use updated plugins and try to reduce the number of plugins in the website. Delete the unwanted plugins from the website to make website faster loading time.

If a web page takes long time to load completely, it affects the user experience and the online visitors may not come back again. So it is essential for the website to load fast and keep the user experience unique and better to gain the income from business marketing

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