If you are running an eCommerce website, Protecting your website from hacking is one of the major thing you should take in consider. An eCommerce website store thousand and lakhs of personal information about their  clients. It is clear that eCommerce website is the main target for hackers to hack the personal information and account details. In the previous article we discuss about the New Era of Magento and now we are going to discuss here some Top Tips to Protect Ecommerce Site from Hacking.

Secure Ecommerce Platform

There are many eCommerce open source platform available to develop an eCommerce website. We need to choose the best and secure platform with most advanced technologies. Choose the platform that apt to your website that gives you the complete protection from hackers. The main thing you should do in your platform is setting the complex login password for your admin panel.

Setting Up System Alert

Setting up a system alert helps the agent to get an alert if any person are doing any threat during their online transactions. You should always check the recipient order name is matching correctly with the credit card they are presenting to avoid the hacking. Setting up a system alert can help you to avoid this threat upto a limit.

Strong Password Criteria

Make your customers password  more complex to avoid hacking. Allow and ask your customers to use special characters, usage of numbers and set-up min length to avoid the hacking. This will allow you to strengthen the login and get more protection from unwanted threat and hacking.

Extra Layer of Security

Multiple security for your eCommerce website helps your site from hacking. To avoid the online virus attack it is prefered that to use firewall security. In some eCommerce platform there is no need to have a firewall security because of the top security provided by the platform. To avoid SQL and scripting attack , retailers are using extra security layer like contact form, recaptcha, etc.

System Updation

This is the most important step you must take in consider. Always try to make your website updated to avoid the threats. The eCommerce platform frequently updated to a new version to fix the bugs and providing advanced function. Your website must be updated with the newer version to get the complete new functionality. It helps you to prevent the hacking and maintain a secure transaction without any threats.

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