One of the main challenging factor for an eCommerce website is developing an effective eCommerce strategy. With the enormous change in eCommerce marketplace day by day it is not an easy to task to developing an eCommerce strategy. Studies show that in 2015 ecommerce grew 25% more than the previous years. In the previous blog we discussed about the Tips for Building a Better Ecommerce Blog. Here we are discussing about the Top Ecommerce Strategy Trends for 2016.

Multiple Channels

The future of Commerce is the multi-channels. The new trends shows that consumers have changed their shopping behavior. Majority of consumers shop through the eCommerce channels and very low percentage of consumers directly through the site.

Here are some different eCommerce multi channels:

  • Mobile
  • Social
  • Paid Search
  • Direct Traffic
  • Marketplaces
  • Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs)

Going Mobile

top ecommerce strategy trends for 2016

Studies shows that the eCommerce transaction through mobile is increasing tremendously. It will assume that in 2017 the M-commerce will grow to $700 billion. We already wrote articles about the subject mobile commerce, If you need any further information about the mobile commerce you can refer our previous articles. Make your website responsive with better apps, Buy button, Security and etc. Simply we can say that optimize your business for M-commerce.

Submit Videos

In the new eCommerce world people are spending more time for watching videos. So it is better to submit videos about your products, its rating and review. This will help the consumers to choose your products and pass the rating about your friends. According to the study in online shopping it is clear that 80% of users are watching product rating and review before purchasing a product. Consumers are watching the video through Mobile Devices, Desktops and other connected device, so it must be optimized for mobile devices.

Social Shopping

Social shopping is the integration of social media and eCommerce. It is clear that social shopping will be the upcoming trend in the eCommerce world. We know that eCommerce in the world is growing day by day. This growth is mainly coming  from the social media by the rapid  growth of mobile users. The researches shows that in 2016 consumers will spend $327 billion on online shopping.


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