In this article, we are going to discuss about the eCommerce trends that make you prepared for 2016.Globally today’s marketplace improves much faster than ever before.These top eCommerce prediction for 2016 may help you in increasing your business growth. According to the studies the future of eCommerce in upcoming years is very large and predictable. Here we are predicting some important eCommerce updates that may have in 2016 and discussed below.

Mobile is Future

In the eCommerce business, Mobile is not a new strategy. Researchers and Marketers suggests that mobile market penetration will grow from 61.1% to 69.4%. Now all the retailers are more aware with the importance of mobile marketing. Online retailers would prefer better user experience for their customers, So most of the business owners are now transforming to mobile apps to increase their revenue by online sales.

Targeted social media marketing

With the ever-growing technologies and innovation on social media, Marketers have shifted their concentration to social media sites. With the number of growing users and activities, social media marketing are providing the best results for the online business. According to studies the social media giant facebook’s buy button gave more advantages to the eCommerce field.

In recent years, Social Media Sites have increased their user friendliness and marketing would help the online business owners to increase their conversion rates, So it must be clear that in 2016, the Social media Marketing helps the right audience to shop their products through the right social media channel.

Good Content Never Out-Dated

In eCommerce businesses, 64% of the entire web traffic came from videos. But still good  content helps the customer to specify the right product by comparing them with others. So creating the good and right content would makes drive traffic to your website

World beyond Google

All the marketers and developers should remember that there is a world after Google, It is a fact that Google is the industry leader. But analyzing closely you can easily determine that the new trends in eCommerce field also affecting in other search engines like Bing and yahoo. There would be the competition held in those search engine also. So you must take consider of those search engine, it would definitely helps your online business to drive more sales.


In recent years, the studies in the eCommerce market says that one of the most prominent factor in increasing the sales is the personalized experience offered to the customer by the retailers. By the personalized experience by customizing their services by consolidating their online website to any other devices this will help you by preventing the customer’s choosing a different product contributor.

Free Shipping

If you have an online shop and if you are willing to offer free shipping for your customers, then no doubt there should be increase in your sales and you would get your ROI with in less time. We know that more people are shopping products through online if you offer free shipping service then the scope of conversion through your website would be enormous.

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