We have already heard that Google always pays importance to unique and quality content. Writing good quality and unique content for website, makes your website rank higher in search engine. Simply we can say that the key for a success website is quality content. Google always recommends user generated content, if a website always manage with user generated content, no doubts your website will rank higher.

Also the unique and quality content makes your visitors stick on your content by enjoy reading your content, this lead to higher traffic and increase in conversion rates for your website. So always give priority for the content making, Write quality, unique and interesting content for your website success. Here we are pointing out some tips to write quality content for your ecommerce website development.

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Tips to Write Quality Content

1. Engaging

Make the content that engages with customers, it means the content on the website make the visitors engage with the website. Asking questions and answering in the content will stick the visitors to your website. In this way there will be an increase in the traffic and conversion rate. And thus your website rank higher.

2. Useful to Customers

In the content creation you must be specified whether the content is useful to customers. While creating a content for customers it should be informative for customers and make the customer educated about the content. If you are selling a product, you must describe all the things about the product like competitive price, specification uses, instruction, etc., then only the customer can get all the knowledge about the product. Some examples that want to provide for the customers are pointed below.

  1. Advantages of the product at Competitive Price.
  2. Feedback from other customers about the Product.
  3. Feedback from experts about the Product.
  4. Specification of the Product.

3. SEO Friendly

It is clear that when it comes to SEO, Content is the king. SEO have a major role in an eCommerce website because more people visiting the eCommerce website through search results. So you should optimize your content for SEO for better results. And must be kept in mind that having unique content is very crucial for SEO.

Google algorithm always checks the uniqueness and quality of the content. There are some off page and on page seo factors that improve your website ranking. Content which is fresh and informative gets more important to the search engine than the content which is spun using tools.

4. Sharable

As an eCommerce website your goal is to get your product more exposure to customers and the public. So you must create not only great content, but sharable content. Include your content with great sharable heading in Social media. Sharable content on your website can be shared by the customers to their friends and business partners. Including sharable media will help your customers to share the content. And this content sharing leads to improving your Alexa rank, also to increase in traffic and conversion rates.

5. Contextual

Contextual content means, creating different-set of content to deliver a personalized shopping experience to your customer. Content’s privacy is important, a strong content strategy is providing contextually tailored and personalized experience for your customers.

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