Facebook is currently the most popular social media world-wide and it is undoubtedly worth to have ads out there. Many of the small businesses find this cost effective method of advertisements; an important step at their marketing strategies. Surveys say that 65% of those firms that used Facebook ads, said that they were happy with the results they got and would use it again. If you need to know about how effectively it can be used, there are some important steps to be considered that are discussed below.


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Step One : Deciding the Plan
Facebook gives you three methods of planning your ad campaign. Depending upon your budget you can choose one. You can create awareness about your company for a high budget or you can just focus on the website traffic if your budget is low. You can also use plans that can promote a particular event. Some marketers prefer to highlight sponsored stories related to your firms. But it is always better to have engaged fans than idle fans. Creating a plan looking just the “Click through rates” is not a good idea as the Facebook creates only 0.05% CTR on an average.

Step Two: Targeting
The second important step is targeting the correct users. Marketing Analysts says to go for fewer targeted people than many. Some strategists use some of the techniques like wishing a the birthday of a Facebook user along with their company name. You can also group the targeted audience with locations and ages.

Step Three : Presentation
Your Ad must include proper images with good colors. The text limit is 135 characters, but it is not necessary to use all those characters. Marketers suggest the text to be simple and readable. The ad must contain an appropriate call to actions that are landing to company’s online pages. The important point here I highlight is the importance of satisfying the users. You must treat the users with what they were expecting. Create a simple and professional page that keeps users stay on your page.

Step Four : Multiple Ads
Facebook allows to have multiple ads. By this you can have different types of ads and study which type is performing well. Since you need to be updated on the growing trends, the weekly review is a must to perform, using all the Facebook reports that you can get. By this method, you get to understand which type of ad is performing well and can opt for “Create a Similar Ad” after analysis.

Step Five : Final Touch
The most common error made by most of the leading firms is neglecting the page with fresh contents. There are pages with huge fan counts, but last updated months back. Give rewards to reader that reach your pages with coupons or at least with trendy information or other fun activities. Marketers also suggest to keep the “Like” button first than at the last; because it is being found out that people tend to click at Like button than visiting pages. With the Like of a user, you get to have a chance to present your firm related news at their timelines.

Hope you had some ideas popping up at your mind to be implemented for your firm. Make sure you keep these basic points while you prepare the Facebook Ad campaign.

Good Luck!!