One of the most important success factor of a website is its design. The website design not only affect the user experience, but also it affects the SEO. Here we are going to discuss about some top seo tips for web designers and some do or not to do by web designers while making their website design.

Designing a website is an easy task, but designing a search engine friendly website is not an easy. It can be made easy with the help of a website development company or a web designer. Lets discuss about some seo tips that would take in consider while developing or designing a website.

Broken links

Try to find out all Broken links and 404 errors and fix it as soon as possible. You can use the Google Webmaster Tool to find broken links and your 404 Not Found errors. If a page is removed from the server, You can use the robot.txt to prevent the crawling and indexing from search engines.

Internal Linking

If you want the search engine to crawl all your pages in your website, then you must use a sitemap that links to all the pages on your site. This sitemap helps your website crawl more faster by search engines and to give a perfect output for your customers.

Over use of Ajax

Over use of Ajax is a big SEO mistake because the Ajax content is loaded dynamically, So it can’t be crawled or indexed by search engine. Ajax is mainly used for the purpose of navigation and to attract the visitors, If the visitor liked the page and want to share it with their friends it is not possible send the current page to their friends because of the Ajax content.

Keywords Stuffing

The common mistake of web designer, doing over stuffing of keyword in the web pages. Try to use keyword in the website in crucial areas. While writing content for website try to make the content for your readers not for search engines. Do not stuff your page with the same keywords or you might be penalized by search engines.

Flash Menus

Don’t make Flash Menus for your website it is the biggest mistake ever if a web designer do. Because the Search Engines like Google cannot spider the Flash Menus, they can’t read the text included in animated menus. The Flash menu looks very attractive to users, but they can’t be crawled by search engines.

Use a Keyword in the URL

When you are doing a new site, You must use the main keyword in the URL. The keyword in the URL will help the search engines pick out your website very quickly for users. Adding SEO Friendly URLS helps search engine to are clean, relevant and easy to understand addresses of the pages on your website

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