Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce company founded by two Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) students Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in the year 2007. Before the introduction of Flipkart the Indian e-commerce industry was in a dull stage. It is considered that Flikart made the e-commerce so popular in India.

Founders Profile

Sachin Bansal:


Sachin Bansal is the Founder and CEO of Flipkart.  As CEO, Sachin oversees all the customer facing activities of the company ranging from technology to marketing. He is also in charge of Flipkart’s corporate divisions which include the finance and legal departments. Sachin Bansal is originally from Chandigarh. Sachin Bansal Graduated in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi in 2005.  After graduation, he joined a company called Techspan. After 6 months he joined in Amazon India and worked for one and half year. After that he founded Flipkart along with Ninny Bansal. Sachin Bansal, got Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2012-2013 from Economic Times, leading Indian Economic Daily.


Binny Bansal:


Binny Bansal is thecofounderr of flipkart. He has also graduated from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi in Computer science along with Scahin Bansal. After graduation Binny Bansal joined in Sarnoff India for a year and joined in the Amazon.  He worked at Amazon for 8 months and after that he founded Flipkart along with Sachin Bansal.


Flipkart was founded in 5th September 2007 with an initial investment of 4 lack Indian Rupee. The website www.flipkart.com was launched on 15th October 2007. Flipkart has now grown from the 4 lack started investment in $190 million revenue e-commerce website. The headquarters of Flipkart is in Bangalore, Karnataka. During its initial years, Flipkart focused only on books, and soon as it expanded, it started offering other products like electronic goods, Air Conditioners, Air coolers, stationery supplies and lifestyle products and e-books. The first product sold by them was the book, Leaving Microsoft To Change The World, bought by VVK. Chandra from Andhra Pradesh.  A detailed History of Flipkart is given in the figure below.




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