According to the latest studies, Every visitor would like to load the site within 2 or 4 seconds. The Google is well satisfied when the website is loaded completely within 1.5 seconds. Make sure that your site is well equipped to win users over quickly. The main struggle of a website is loaded with content, text, videos, and flash drives with less time.

Here we are discussing about the top reasons behind why your website is slow and some helpful tips to make your website more faster than before. Nowadays the speed of internet is increasing like rocket speed, So when your website loads slowly definitely there is a chance to decrease in the visitors to your website.


video-optimization1Unoptimized is one of the common issues for slowing down your website. If your website contains so many images which are full-size and uncropped. It would definitely harm your website. So make all the images correctly optimized by changing image format, reducing the file size and by reducing image quality.


Page size is an important factor in affecting the loading speed of your website. By optimizing images and by compressing text you can enhance the speed of your web page. Now in online there are so many tools available for video and image compressing, With the help of a best hosting company the text compression is set as default to increase the loading speed.


clean codeMake clean code that helps you to ease the website loading. There are some simple tips to make the code clean. Some of them are discussed here. The main thing is the removal of unnecessary whitespace from the code by maintaining the readability. Another one is avoiding inline styles and use external CSS and JavaScript. While writing code you must ensure that it is efficient and also using CSS shortcuts


Flash is also one of the major issue which can easily slow down your website. It is used for adding animation or responsive and it is very bulky that increases overloading and sometimes crash web pages. So try to avoid this flash content if necessary try to use this flash only for video, tutorials, headers and banners. And also ensure the file size not to be over. The flash is most uncomfortable for mobile users it can’t be loaded in mobile devices due to its larger size.

Embedded Media

Another common reason for running your website slow is using too much embedded media. We know that the video needs more time to load and also buffering included. It may result in slowing down your website. So try to avoid these embedded videos if necessary, use only one or two important embedded video otherwise your site will definitely slow down by increasing the loading time.


Spam does not have a major part to slow down your website, but it could be slow your website by increasing load time. So make sure that your website is spam free by installing and configuring the spam blocker. Also add captchas or other such spam proofing method to all web forms on the website to avoid email spamming.

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