In India only one third of the internet users is buying products online. We have already discuss about the topic buying online is cheaper than from Physical store. Some of the reasons behind this reduction in number of online shopping in India and its remedial measures are discussed below.

1. Fear of posting financial detail online

This is one of the most mentioned reasons, among the internet users. Most of the Indian internet users are fear of transferring money online because of the tales they heard about frauds and hacking online. People fear that by giving their bank account or credit card information to an e-commerce website they may miss use it to take funds later.

Remedial measures:
Create awareness among internet users that not the e-commerce site is doing the transaction, but it is done through payment gateways and they are safe and monitored by banks. Show trust marks of payment gateways in your site.
Provide cash on delivery option to clients.

2. Unable to touch and try products before buying

This is the reason ranked second among the reasons that stop people from purchasing online. Many of the Indians prefer to meet and test the products before they are buying the product. Since online shopping is a virtual shopping it is difficult to reach and try products online. This can be determined from the most sold product categories.

online shopping in India

Among the product categories that sold online electronics and books are on top because there is no need to try or touch these products before buying.  But furniture’s and personal care, stay behind because people prefer to touch and try these items before they are buying.

Remedial measures:
Provide a simulated environment for trying products online.
Try option provided by Lenskart is shown below

online shopping in India

3. Fear of faulty products

This is the third reason that pulls back most of the people from buying things online.  They may wonder what they will do if they received a faulty product that is mainly how to replace it and how to send it back.

Remedial measures:
Offer replacement guaranty: Most of the e-commerce websites in India is now offering 30 day replacement guarantee. That means if you don’t like the product or the product is having any fault you can replace it within 30 days from the date of purchase. But the buyer has to pay the shipping charge and repack the product in good manner. Most of the people don’t prefer this.

4. Inability to bargain

Indian people prefer to bargain before buying the products. They have a hope that product price will reduce if we bargain.  Since this option is not available online they do not prefer to buy online.

Remedial measures:
Giving seasonal and promo offer on product price will attract lot these kinds of people towards online shopping.

5. Fear of posting personal information

Last but the least reason told by Indian consumers is that to buy products online, we may need to provide our personal information like address and phone number and they fear that the e-commerce website will sell this information to some online advertising companies.

Remedial measures:
Clearly mention the privacy policy on your e-commerce website.