Do you own a business to sell your products? Are you looking ways to increase your product sales? Do you want to know what it takes to get visitors searching in Google for your products? This is a guide for how to list your products online and to get visitors to your website to increase the sales with the Google Adword program.

We all know that we can list our products in the Google search results with their Adword program. You can set up a budget yourself and get listed your product in the related searches. People on clicking the ads will be directed to your website. But Google recently introduced a new format in the product listing ad management at their Adword campaigns. This makes with more useful features like better reporting on the status of your product listed. Now your inventory is listed with new ad formats with images directly and you can manage its settings in AdWords account. Google requested all retail firms to switch to this new format by 2014 August. The new program also changed how the ad displays to allow rich snippets with the product images too.

What are the new features?

There is no product target attribute and instead you get product groups and associated bid. You can access click-through rate of the product with its cost per click, and PLA impression which was hard to get earlier. Now Google Adword also provides product-level reporting making the status detail on each product. You can also get options to create your shopping campaigns as well as organizing more than one ad group for advanced retailers.

Key advantages of the new campaign

With the new format, users can now analyze better with a full report on the product views and the selling. By this it can be easily tracked on understanding which of your product is in demand to the customers. This results in far more optimization of products to specified listings, which is very important in the product selling business. You have access as the report on your performance down to the product-level. Users can now enjoy the advantage of the usage of benchmark data and impression share for a better bidding. Below is the screenshot on how you can bid on the keywords of the products.


How to get started? What you need to do?

You can list your products in Google search results by visiting the Google Ad Shopping link. Send them the product photos, prices and all the details. Google will create ads from your data, with images and description. Also mention the amount of money you need to spend on each click. Your product will be listed in the search results that people search for. The listing goes compatible in all devices too.

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