Getting links from other website to your own website to get higher ranking in Google is the link building process. There are some Link Building Strategies for SEO in 2015 for improving the ranking in Google. Here we are going to discuss about these strategies that help your website rank higher in Google.

The main target of your link building process is to maximize the number of interactions with your community. You must focus on building interaction between your target audience by Advertising, Commenting, etc.

Guest Blogging

guest-blogging3Guest Blogging is the method of building relationships and gain links from other similar website too. But you must be careful while doing a guest blogging because of the declaration from the Google by Matt Cutts that Google took down several major blog networks for spamming, So you must be very careful while creating a guest blogging.

Guest blogging is a powerful procedure for growing one’s personal brand, Guest blogging is the best way to earn great backlinks. If you are skilled and willing to write great content for you and your business, You can earn enormous quality backlinks to your website.

Use Social Networks

social-netwoksThe best way to promote your content is by posting content on social networks. If you start promoting your content through social networking sites, then you can easily earn links to it. Promoting a site through social networks can also help to build links. In my opinion the best way to build backlinks through social networks is to use web 2.0 websites for creation of backlinks.

Quality Content

quality contentI know that it sounds repetitive, but it is the fact that quality content makes the link building strategies more stronger. The content includes Videos, Images, Podcasts, Webinars, and So on. While creating content try to make the content topic very relevant that helps to attract a wider audience than your targeted audience.

Acquiring Links Through Testimonials

While acquiring link though testimonials you must be careful that it is not for the sake of link building. Testimonial are pages that helps customers to know about how the website helps you and others.

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