Writing unique and effective product descriptions helps your eCommerce business increase sales by attracting more shoppers to your eCommerce website. There are so many eCommerce websites that don’t know the power of product descriptions. While creating contents for website we must think how to write eCommerce product descriptions, Simply we can say that we must write the product description for both consumers and search engines.

Here we are going to discuss about some features of product descriptions and how to write eCommerce product description that increase conversion for your eCommerce website. eCommerce website development is an easy task but attracting visitors to your website and maintain conversions is not an easy task.

Write Like a Professional

Write like a professional, it simply means that you must understand the person who will visit your person and read your description. By knowing your customers, you can easily write a product description in a professional way. So write your product description not only for search engines, but also for customers

Stop duplicating manufacturer descriptions

Try not to copy the description, Make the description unique for all products. If manufacturers have a distinct description, Stop copying the same description for the product. You must use a new and unique description that would help your customers to understand more about your product.

Make Description customer and SEO friendly

The important thing you must know while writing a product description, that you must write the description not only for Customers but also for Search engines. You need to make sure that the product description you provide have all the information regarding the product, including quality, cost, size, color, material etc.

Make it Clear without Listing

This is the main common mistake made in all eCommerce websites, Only listing the features of the products without explaining the benefits. While writing the description you should always express the whole benefits for customers and how the products will improve or ease their lives.

Use Larger Fonts and Font Colors

Always make sure that your product description font stands out from others. The font color must be distinct from others to attract consumers to the description. The font size must readable for people with all ages. The large and different font color helps you to attract visitors to the description. If the product description sense good, then the visitor would read the complete description of the product.

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  1. Hi, very nice point! Production description plays a major role in conversion or buying of a product because as a customer is fully satisfied what he/she wants only then he/she will buy a product.

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