Driving traffic is very essential to an ecommerce website, there are so many techniques to drive traffic to your eCommerce website. One of the main techniques to drive traffic is the email marketing. In this article we are discussing about how to increase the email clicks for eCommerce website to drive more sales. And some tips for sending emails that makes a better impression about your eCommerce website.

In the previous article we discussed about the “How to Improve your Customer’s Shipping Experience“. Nowadays retailers are used to send number of email promotions, Email marketing is very effective for all ecommerce websites to drive more sales. Here is some top tips to increase the clicks in email for your ecommerce website.

Include social sharing options

Studies show that including any one social sharing option will produce more than 30% of the clicks in the Email. And by adding three Social sharing option the click through rate may jump to more than 50 %. So make sure to add social sharing option in your email for readers to share the email to their friends and relatives.

Include Video

We Know that video engage more with customers than any other texted content. It can generate more clicks to your eCommerce website. The video helps the customer to know about the product or services otherwise it is difficult to make the customer understand about the product. Embedding video in the email helps the readers to play the video in a single page.

Make it Urgent

It is an email strategy to make the customers easily clickable to the email or product. Product marketers will put limits to the offers which make the client click easily. This is one of the email marketing technique to make an attention from the readers. If your product is really suited for their needs this technique should work greatly and thus more purchases will came through these technique.

Use Buttons

Use buttons in your email, it will definitely helps you get more conversion rates. Studies show that using buttons in the email will definitely get more click through rate upto 30%. It would makes increase in click through rates higher than usual emails. Buttons helps you to make an attention from the readers and pretending them to click the button. So onwards your next email, try to add buttons in it and watch the click through rate.

Make less Content

You must use less and interesting content in your email, Interesting content will attract customers to your email and definitely an increase in conversion occurs. Too much content in email affect badly because people will not be interested in reading the complete content, So make it less and interesting to attract readers.

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