One of the stressful part of an online transaction is the Shipping process. It can determine whether a customer will shop from your business again and again. You must make your customer feel comfortable with the process you are delivering. In this article we are discussing about how to improve your customers shipping experience to enhance the shopping. Implementing some important steps in your shipping would definitely helps your eCommerce business to flourish.

In the previous article we discuss about the “Tips to protect your eCommerce Website from Hacking”. Providing customers a better and simple shipping experience would definitely make increase in the sales and drive more sales again. here are some top tips to improve your customer’s shipping experience:

Provide More Shipping Option

When a customer are shopping a product from your eCommerce website, Make sure that you can offer more shipping option like Standard delivery (7-8 days), First class delivery (3-4 days), Next day delivery, etc. Providing a number of shipping options and more carriers could increase conversions. If you need more sales from your eCommerce website then you must think about the free shipping option to attract more customers.

Provide an Estimated Delivery Date

It is clear that shoppers would likely to know the delivery date of their product, So you must provide a guaranteed delivery date to your customers in the check-out page helps the customers to decide whether to purchase a product or not on the basis of that date. So make sure that you don’t miss to provide the estimated delivery date of the plan then only a customer can plan the day withe product.

Provide Shipping Notification

You should send an email notification if you have shipped a customer’s package to notify that the product is shipped and they will receive the item as soon as possible. And also need to send a secondary email to aware the customers about the estimated delivery date of the product. This would help the customers to be sit cool untill the delivery date, otherwise the customers continuously make a call to the retailers to know about the status of the product.

Provide SMS Notification

Providing text messages to the customers is very important because the customer’s cannot always check the emails, so you must consider sending text messages to make your customers know about that the product is shipped and deliver at an estimated date. This would definitely feel comfortable for your customers and this service makes your customers again purchase from your eCommerce website.

Provide Tracking Code

Provide your customers a tracking code to track the shipped products, if the customers need to know about the status of the product the tracking code would be more beneficial than any other option. Always send a tracking code of each product to the customers that they purchased, this will help

Provide free Shipping

Offering free shipping to the customers definitely leads to generate more sales in your eCommerce website. This would definitely increase the shipping experience of your customers and lot of chance to drive more sales to your online store. According to study it is clear that more than 70% of the customers need free shipping services and they are ready to wait additional 2 or 3 days to get the delivery. In holiday season most of the online retailers are offering free shipping services to attract customers.

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