Now It is very important for an eCommerce website to develop an mobile app for increasing their business revenue. Mobile marketing is very effective to small scale and large scale eCommerce store. To stay a step ahead with your competitors or stay with with your competitors you must use the Mobile app for your eCommerce business. The importance of Mobile app for a success eCommerce business is discussed here and also we are discussing how mobile apps increases your eCommerce sales.

According to the latest studies in India 41% of eCommerce sales and 65% of India’s internet traffic is from Mobile, it makes sense that you’d want to put more emphasis on your mobile apps. When it enhances the customer experience, Having a mobile app is most favourable for your business. With the help of an eCommerce website development company you can easily setup an Mobile App. Let’s discuss some mobile app approaches that helps in your revenue.

Quick and Easy Ordering

Mobile-app for ecommerceWith the help of a mobile app, customers can easily place orders from anywhere with the help of their smartphone or tablet. The layered navigation make it much easier for buyers to find just what they’re looking for in an eCommerce app. Mobile ordering lets your customers to access all the best features of your eCommerce website with exceptional user experience.

Push Notifications

Push-NotificationMobile User are more probably pick up their phones to see the notification and then purchase through them rather than the promotional email and social post. So send new notification to your customer’s phone this will help the shoppers to know about the important sales, new arrivals, discounts, etc. This push notification will helps you drive more sales to your eCommerce business and increase in your revenue.

Comparison Shopping

mobile app for product comparisonOffer your customers a mobile application with eCommerce component it will help them to compare the product or shop with price, quality, brand, etc. It also helps your customers to reduce the shopping stress and save money with the comparison apps. A new mobile comparison shopping app called Purchx, that lets you quickly look up peer and sophisticated reviews, check out side-by-side product comparisons, and quickly compare local and online product prices


Mobile apps helps your customer to load faster than a mobile site with lower network coverage. Once you download and install the eCommerce mobile app then you would get more functionality and elements will load and perform very quickly. According to studies it shows that 1 second delay in page loading drops 7% of conversion rate.


The eCommerce mobile app helps the customers to make the shopping payment in just One click. It would definitely increase the conversion rates. ipay and Google Wallet are easy payment mechanism with secured transaction that allows your shoppers to checkout with one click. This shopping process would definitely increases your revenue and conversion rate.

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