Google Analytics is a web analytic tool for checking how effectively your website is working. For checking the Pageviews, Bounce rate, traffic, etc. It will definitely help the online business to monitor their business to the return on investment through online and also to monitor how effectively the eCommerce website are performing on the internet. Designing and developing an online store is not an easy task, but checking your websites capabilities is now easy with the Google Analytics.

What people are searching

With the help of Google Analytics tool you can easily learn what people are searching on your site. People can easily determine the keywords that bring more traffic to your website, but it is difficult to find out what people are searching for your website. To identify the pages from which users started searching and from which keyword does people drive to your website. With the help of this google analytics tool we can easily determine what people are searching on your website and which keyword is ranks better for your website.

Identify the best and worst pages

Here we can ensure how much people are coming to your website and how many of them are staying on your website and how many of them are leaving. Hence we can find the worst performing page on your website and the best performing page on your website. By this information you can easily redesign your worst pages into a new design to get better user experience and it helps in increase in your conversions. By identifying the best performing pages you can increase the promotion of those pages to achieve your business goals.

Custom Dashboard

When you login to the Google Analytics, the first screen you seen is the dashboard. It can give you the most important analytics data first. We can customize the dashboard to what must be seen in the dashboard and also you can create multiple dashboard, which can contain multiple widgets. Users, New Users, Sessions, Sessions by Browsers, Average Sessions Duration and Pages/Sessions, Bounce Rate, Goal Completion, Revenue are the widgets that presently seen on a Google Analytics dashboard.


New ABC Analytics Reporting

The prominent change in Google Analytics is this new ABC reporting. It is a new format group of google analytics reporting that is based on user behavior, conversions and acquisition. This ABC reporting helps you to track information about the new visitors acquisition, how much time they are spending on your website and for what, returning visitors, email subscribers, how new visitors are  converting to customers, conversions.
abc analytics reporting


We have discussed here some top features and uses of Google Analytics that helps your eCommerce store to obtain more conversions. Google Analytics is a powerful tool that would definitely help your online store. You need not invest money or anything else for Google Analytics benefits, you only need to invest some more time to learn how to use Google Analytics effectively. We hope that this article would give you some knowledge about Google Analytics that helps your eCommerce store.