There is a lot of free Open Source eCommerce platforms available, here we are going to discuss about some of the best free open source eCommerce platform. Each one of this eCommerce platform has its own cons and pros. Always choose the platform according to your business needs, uploading products and customizing your store can be very time consuming. So use the appropriate eCommerce platform for your business.

Open Source shopping cart software Offers you the best features and tools without paying any major fee. Mainly open-source eCommerce shopping carts offer many advantages for small businesses


Magento is an open source ecommerce platform, which is built in stable and reliable structure. Magento helps to manage many stores at once from one admin panel, effective tools like cross-sells and up-sells that encourage users to buy products. The main advantage of the Magento eCommerce platform is its customization, the theme can be customized in any way you want and can load a number of different themes. We can simply say that Magento is very user friendly and it offers advanced feature for your store.


prestashop ecommerce platformPrestashop is a single application. Which is an open source eCommerce platforms. To enjoy the online presence with Prestashop, You can simply download and install this software to your web hosting account. Prestashop is used in 150 countries with 56 different translations. Prestashop is mainly targeted at online store owners, web designers and web developers. It is very easy to customize, extremely efficient, flexible and scalable.

Zen Cart

zencart ecommerce platformZen Cart is a user-friendly, free, open source shopping cart software, which is evolved by getting inspired by the free open source eCommerce platform, oscommerce. Zen Cart supports multiple languages, multiple customer modes, multiple payment options, multiple display modes, etc.


opencart ecommerce platformOpencart eCommerce platform is much lighter than other eCommerce platforms, this platform is very easy to download and install. OpenCart is also the best choice for anyone looking to sell products through online very easily and quickly. OpenCart provides free support and software updates. To suit your business needs there is a lot of opportunity to customize your store cost effectively.


oscommerce ecommerce platform

OsCommerce is a full-featured, open source eCommerce platform and is offering unbelievable functionality for free. Without any restriction osCommerce can be able to run on any PHP enables web server. The main advantage of the oscommerce eCommerce platform is that the store owners have total control and complete access towards the online store.


Virtuemart ecommerce platformThe free open source ecommerce platform that was designed on the Joomla content management system is the VirtueMart. With the success of Joomla VirtueMart is offering lot extensions. While comparing to others the quality of VirtueMart stores is quite low and another one is VirtueMart does not come with any kind of hosting support.

2 thoughts on “Best Free Open Source E-Commerce Platforms”

  1. One can build an online store in any open source software by itself or by engaging any ecommerce platform.In my opinion OpenCart one of the best open source ecommerce platform to build an online store or ecommerce store for your business at an affordable cost.

  2. I feel Magento and OsCommerce is by far the best ones because i have worked on both and both are very user friendly but i would love to work on OpenCart, ZenCart & VirtueMart as well.

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