On the Last week onwards Facebook introduced a new feature, a buy button. People can now directly purchase products from Facebook without leaving the page, also people can use payment gateways from Facebook to sell their products. Safe and secure is another main feature of this Buy button. And thus we can say that Buy button could make Facebook as the center of online purchasing and selling.

The social media company announced in a blog post that Facebook is testing a new way for people to Buy Products on Facebook. Buy buttons are not much popular on social networking sites.

desktop and mobile view

People can buy or sell products directly from Facebook at any time with any desktop or mobile devices without leaving Facebook Page. Facebook built this payment feature with safe and secure, the information regarding credit or debit card that people shared with Facebook would not share with other advertisers.

Currently Facebook says that now it is testing the Buy button with Small and medium business in the US(united states). Only after the feedback from those companies about the new feature, they continue the Buy button to large scale companies only after the feedback from the customers and companies.

If the testing of a Buy button in small and medium companies is successful, this Facebook Buy button could help Facebook to have the center of the market and Facebook wants to apply more tasks to become as well as eCommerce company.