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Most businesses have acquired the sense that content creation and publication are the foundation of a content marketing strategy. We know that Content Marketing has proven it can drive engagement and audience growth. In 2015 Content Marketing will be more prominent than ever, Marketers will gain a deeper knowledge of their brand’s audience. Creating and delivering the right content to the right person at every time makes the content marketing more powerful in 2015.

Some crucial points to educate how to rank better in the search engines

  • Focus on creating best class content that actually trains the reader.
  • Editors may ban your post if you uses rich anchor text.
  • Link to your own website only when it is applicable and ease the reader.
  • Link out to other sites, including your opponent, if it benefits the reader.

Social Media Marketing

2015 is predicted to see social media have an even stronger impact on e-commerce sales, Social media marketing became a powerful way to advertise products or services in the world of Internet. There are many entrepreneurs who are interested to use this marketing campaign. Social Media marketing will require more diversity, Businesses will increase their spending, particularly on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook ads and promoted posts.

Some important tips to apply the social media strategy

  • Set-up goals
  • Write down all details
  • Find the right platform
  • Look at the target audience
  • Decide the content strategy


2015 might be the year for Mobile and m-commerce sales are predicted to reach $120 billion globally in 2015. Mobile friendly content is very important due to the quick growth in the use of smartphones and tablets, it’s necessary to create content that is accessible to mobile users. According to the studies, In 2017 the 87% of online products will be sale by tablets and smartphones

Some important tips for M-commerce

  • Acquire the right users.
  • Streamline the checkout process.
  • Strategize based on device data.
  • Keep shoppers on a one-way track to your cart.
  • Leverage peer-to-peer social sharing and user-generated content.


Google’s algorithm is constantly updating, So What SEO will look like in the coming year is intertwined, The SEO days of stuffing keywords into the content are over. As SEO is constantly on the growth, it’s time to start planning your strategy for SEO in 2015.

Some most important SEO tips are given below

  • Have a Fast Load Time
  • Use SEO-Friendly URLS
  • Create Quality contents
  • Optimize for Mobile Traffic
  • Earning Links Instead of Building Them
  • Smarter, More Defined Social Media Presence

Free shipping

Free shipping may get you surprised, In fact, 50% of the online customers love free shipping, they are ready to wait extra days for free shipping, So we can just say that free shipping is king at the delivery option. More people adopt free shipping because of the shipping charges. If the product is delayed for some days while shipping, the customer doesn’t feel any uncomfortable if it is free shipping.

Some important shipping tips are given below

  • Ship quickly
  • Package the items carefully
  • Cut Out The Middleman
  • Provide tracking or Delivery Confirmation information

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