The various methods used to drive traffic to a website have been very familiar, SEO, Pay-Per-Click and other promotional techniques to get the visitors through online. To acquire these visitors you want to spend many hours optimizing your website content for search engines as well as marketing strategies like Press Release submission, Blogging, Commenting, Social Media activities and such type of promotions.

Increasing Traffic is Great, But It’s Not Everything

The most common question asked by the client is ”How can I Get more website Visitors ” getting more visitors to a website is a great work, but it is not completed. We want to convert website visitors into  customers, So we need to change the marketing action.

Changing Marketing Action means publishing the right content in the right place at the right time. Then only the marketing becomes relevant and beneficial for your customers. The main marketing effort is to find out what your customers really want.

Work out what they really want

The beginning and end of your marketing efforts depend upon, finding out what your customers want. Since Clients will let you know about their problems, needs and challenges and will wait for when you are giving them what they want. So always pay attention to the clients what they need.

If you are providing services or selling products without so much interaction with your customers, it may lead to a bad experience for the customer. So take every opportunity to meet with your customer and interact with them via social media.

The Four Marketing Action

The marketing approach of many businesses focuses on the first step and hope for better results. Only a good marketing strategy helps you to achieve your business goal. To convert website visitors into customers, you must use these marketing actions. Mainly there are four Marketing action, Attract, Convert, Close, Delight.


We need to attract more customers to our website. The main challenges faced by internet business owners is the lack of traffic and customers. There are so many ways to get visitors to your website, but to attract customers it would require some materials. Attracting customers require offering striking package with good quality product, offering it in an attractive package and advertising it to your target market.

Most powerful tools to attract the visitors to your site are:

  • Blogging: It is a marketing tactic to attract new visitors to your website. Blogging is a marketing tactic and a part of the website. It gives your business more visibility on the internet. You need to create informative article, then only the visitors can ask their doubts.
  • Social Media: Online Social Media offers a low-cost way to reach and influence a wide customer base. On the social web you must share incredible content and worthy information. Also share this content in different group where your target audience meets online.
  • Keywords: Find the keywords that your audience are searching to find your services and products online. So make sure that your business appears when they search. Your website will appear higher and attract more customers if you make some small adjustment in using your keyword.
  • Pages: For acquiring customers, you must optimize your website. Optimize is a tested approach for a customers online marketing strategy, it include the best of content, search engine optimization and social media marketing tactics.


Once you have got the visitors to your website the next task is to convert those visitors into our valuable customers by collecting their contact information. For online marketing the contact information of our visitors is very useful. At least you must collect their email address. Then you need to give them some offer and information that would be interesting and relevant.

Most powerful tools in converting visitors are:

  • Calls-to-Action: Calls to action are buttons or links that need to present in your website that encourage the visitors to go for the action like “Download” or “Attend a seminar conducted by internet”. If you haven’t not much calls-to-action link, you won’t create any leads.
  • Landing pages: When visitors are using the call-to-action button, the visitors should be sent to a landing page is where the offer and information is obtained and also included the prospectus submission form. Then only you can begin a conversation with them and make always contact with them.
  • Forms: To attain the information about the visitors, they must fill out a form and submit it. Make your step of form submission as easy as possible, then only the visitors can easily submit their needs and contact information.
  • Contacts: Always keep tracking the visitors who submit their contact information. Make all your data in one place, it helps you and your customer, every interaction more effectively through email, a landing page, social media, etc.


If you got the right visitors and want to convert them as your customers, you need to interact with them very closely to know about their needs and challenges. Then you need to market your service or product to the right visitors at right times.

  • Email: If a visitor clicks on your call-to-action button and fills the submission form then submit it but still not willing to become a customer? You must focus on useful, relevant content can build trust with a prospect that will help your visitors more ready to use your service.
  • Marketing Automation: Also Email marketing involves in the marketing automation. According to your customer wish you need to send some series of related email they need for the service, but if the visitors is following you in any other way like Facebook, Twitter or other such social media. Then you might need to change the information in a different manner.
  • Closed-loop-Reporting: To know which marketing efforts gets you the best customer for your business. Integration with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system makes you bother how well your marketing is developing.


Provide incredible content to your new customers and existing customers, always be engaged with your customers may turn your customers as a happy promoters of your business through your remarkable service.

Most powerful tools used to delight customers are:

  • Social Media: By using the various social media platforms gives you the opportunity to provide your service to your customer at real time.
  • Email and Marketing Automation: Providingyour new and existing customers with incredible service and content can help them to make their challenges possible and also achieve their own goals like introducing new products or any such service.

For online business, it’s not enough to just think about getting their website noticed in the internet. It also needs to get visitors to take the desired action for converting them to customers once they arrived. The above article is an overview of converting your website visitors to your valuable customer. And also describing about how the customers change to promoters of our business.