Consumers are the pure gems of marketing as well as the e-commerce marketing system. The ultimate goal of this article is to convey the new era of e-commerce and its impact on consumer preferences. The article explains the development of e-commerce and its influences on new-gen customers. This paper conveys the major factors that affect consumer preferences, changing marketing trends, the impact of technological improvement, the influence of social media, the impact of the covid 19 pandemic on consumer behavior. The importance of this article rises with the increased growth of e-commerce and customers rushing into online marketing.

E-commerce Marketing

E-commerce marketing plays an important role in our life as it stands as a gem in the growth of the economy (Zhang, et al. 2021). E-commerce has influenced a wide range of people over the few years. Due to advanced technological innovations and increased usage of mobile phones, e-commerce evolved in the hearts of billions of people. Online shopping has become more popular among people and they are much more convenient to make transactions such as B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B which are the types of e-commerce. Technological enrichment makes digital marketing easily accessible. Digital marketing plays an ultimate role in making greater customer satisfaction through providing products according to their needs.

Factors of consumer buying behaviour and Digital Marketing

Consumer behavior is one of the relevant factors in the changing digital marketing era. According to Elhoushy and Lanzini 2021, consumer behavior mainly depends upon external and internal factors. External factors are primarily caused by the environmental stimulus whereas internal factors depend upon the consumer’s current status and mind. People interaction, social media influence, online research, online advertisements, etc. influence a wide range of people externally. The financial status, attitudes, personal choices, etc. depends upon internal behavioral changes.

According to PRAWIRA and SIHOMBING (2021), External factors such as online platforms create a fundamental role in the behavioral changes of people than internal factors. Nowadays people are much attracted to the current trends and certain brands to explore themselves. Social media influencers and pop-up advertisements create a vital role in building up a gigantic satisfaction of people. For showcasing themselves, consumers go through online research to find the changing fantasy of the marketing era.

Consumer behavior changes circumstantially with the explosion of e-commerce. technological implementation in providing faster delivery, the adaptation of new warehouse management, personalized experience attracts more customers into online marketing (Widagdo and Roz 2021). Digital marketing improves the range of its customers by providing a convenient shopping experience rather than a traditional marketing system. 24 hours availability of the internet makes people keep shopping anywhere at any time (Zhang et al. 2021).

Ease of accessibility is also one of the important factors to attract customers. Customers can buy their products in their own spaces by taking enough time. Another important attractive factor is its price, most online products are cost-effective. People can buy their products at low cost and higher quality online.

Changing marketing trends and consumer behavior

Online trends keep on changing, so identifying contemporary trends helps marketers to defeat competitors(Nabieva, 2021). It helps marketers to create effective marketing strategies and makes it lucrative. Digital marketers make an eye upon changing world trends and maintain to stay one step upward. To cope with the competitors, researchers find out moving brands and their influence among consumers. Consumers are more conscious to buy products than before where they check out all the merits and demerits of a product. Community-driven consumers attracted certain products and they were forced to buy such products.

Marketers follow different marketing criteria to identify the needs of consumers such as creating thoughtful content, focusing on the mind of the audience, quick responses to queries, ensuring privacy and building up the trust of consumers, proper knowledge and intelligence in dealing with digital marketing, quality interaction with consumers, etc. to identify the behavioral changes.

Social media influence on consumer behavior

Nowadays people are much familiar with social media platforms and they are engaged in sharing and adapting information, providing their experienced product review, helping to know the opinion of the public, etc. consumer purchase intentions mainly depends upon identifying the complete opinion regarding the products in all aspects (Thrassou, et al. 2021). Social media is considered a relevant source to make products more familiar. Due to the high influence of social media platforms, consumers are more likely to buy products online than traditional marketing systems such as tv, magazines, etc (Kieu et al. 2021).

Social media plays a vital role in providing sufficient information regarding moving trends. It influences a wide number of people and makes them attracted to online shopping. Facebook, WhatsApp, youtube, Instagram such social media platforms create a space for influencing consumer taste and preference(Nunan et al. 2021). These platforms peek at the needs of consumers secretly and market their products through these social media platforms. Social media influencers provide sufficient details regarding the products and earn through making advertisements.

The graphical representation shows social media’s influence on the consumer decision-making process. Most of them decide to buy a product after making a complete evaluation through social media. Research helps people to identify information regarding products. purchase decisions influenced through information search and alternative evaluations(Evers et al. 2021).

Impact of covid 19 on consumer behavior

According to ALHAMAD et al. 2021, Covid 19 pandemic changed the lifestyle of consumers globally. In past times people were likely to follow the traditional marketing system to buy their attractive products without any restriction(Goswami and Chouhan, 2021). The upcoming covid 19 pandemic creates a shake on traditional marketing systems. To access products consumers depend upon online marketing trends. Every small and large-scale online marketer occupied greater profit than before. Several factors influence consumer buying behavior during the pandemic, “Increased social media engagement:” during the outbreak of covid 19 people are much betrothed in using online platforms(Theodoridis and Kavoura, 2021). People get more free time to interact with people and it helps marketers to connect with more consumers.

“Increased containment measures:” due to frequent containment alerts consumers are contingent upon online shopping (Sakhbieva et al. 2021). Home deliveries help the consumers to avoid interaction with people and make shopping riskless “Lower accessibility of traditional marketing products:” due to decreased flexibility of marketing channels, most of the product Imports are delayed(Verma and Naveen, 2021). To fulfill the need consumers depend upon online marketing.

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The article mainly focused on factors affecting changing consumer preferences and digital marketing systems in the new era. It points out changing marketing trends, technological impact on digital marketing and consumer preference, social media impact. This study also mentioned the important factors which depend upon consumer preference during the covid 19 pandemic. In conclusion, digital marketing creates a major impact on consumer behavioral changes. The article shows the relevance of digital marketing and to achieve better profitability marketers should identify the consumers’ preferences.

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