Google authorship markup is a good method for improving your SEO strategy, It would help you to acquire more traffic to your website also better ranking is possible. Simply Google Authorship is a photo and a name that appears on the search results page. We have already discussed about the topic “Improving your eCommerce strategy“. Google Authorship is a verification between the content and author of the content. Clearly, it helps Google to find the quality of your content. It distinguishes this content from the spam and index faster.

One of the major and best ways to grow-up your business is by increasing the traffic to your site. Google authorship helps people to identify content easily and also identify the creator by their name and photo. In other words, we can say that Google Authorship is a marketing opportunity. If your website doesn’t verify with Google Authorship, then it misses out a major marketing opportunity. It helps to Improve Ranking of your Website. The benefits of Google Authorship for your business is described below.

Benefits of Google Authorship

google authorship benefitsThere are so many benefits available when the Google Authorship markup on your website. With these, Some are exactly associated with SEO and others will helps in increasing the traffic and conversion rates.

1. State Ownership:

It is clear that Google needs unique content than the plagiarized content. By using the Google authorship Google can determine that who was the creator of the content and anyone can’t rank higher than you who copied your content. Just say no to spam by the verification process by Google Authorship. This is the best way to avoid the spam site. The use of Google Authorship will help you to make a trust between Google.

2. Business Branding:

If you are trying to brand your business through online, Google Authorship can help you. Having your name and image found in the search results would initiate a credibility in your business field. Also, there will be some SEO benefits through branding your site, More people link to your site and increase in your network will brand more your business.

3. Get noticed easily:

When your website/blog is verified with Google authorship correctly, there should be your picture and name present in the search result. Then your website/blog can easily be noticed while a user searches for your content. While your content present in the search results, there is a great chance to get noticed your picture and content to the right person you prefer. Higher visibility of your content results in higher clicks and traffic.

4. Increased Conversion Rates:

Studies have shown that content which is verified by Google Authorship get higher click through rate than the others which doesn’t verify with Google authorship. This is because of the Image and byline in the search results, Search results with rich snippets are more attractive than the other search results which have only plain text in the search results. Getting Customers to your Website is very important, Google Authorship can help you to make this possible easily.

5. Faster Indexing:

Google Authorship will help your website or content to index faster than usual. If you are using a new domain name, we can see that the new website was being indexed, but the ranking of your website may delay. By the verification through Google Authorship you can see the ranking of your new domain as early as possible. Simply we can say that Google Authorship may be the key to getting your website indexed faster.

How to Setup Google Authorship

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