We know that shopping online through mobile devices and desktop are now very familiar. The user experience of online shopping has increasing more social with the help of social media platform like Facebook and Twitter. These two platform launched new eCommerce buy button to sale products through these social media platforms. Social media for small businesses is one of the most popular topics in these days.

The main advantage of social media selling is that anyone can become an online trader without investing in a website or marketplace. Here we are discussing about advantages of social media for small businesses and how its helps the small business owners to get their ROI and increase revenue. There are so many benefits of social media for small business and here we are discussing some of the top benefits.

Reduce Overall Marketing Costs

Social media marketing is one of the most cost effective way to market your business. it doesn’t need any cost to post, tweet or pin your product or promote your business. You only need to spent some time in these social media platforms.

Social media platform like Facebook, Twitter and linkedIn can help you get the best results in your marketing, offers the high targeted users to your business.

Build Relationship

More than any other marketing tool social media helps you to building your relationship with the customers, it allows you to receive instant feedback from your customers’ perspective. Thus the customer can validate your business on social media and also the customers can directly communicate with you through these platforms.

Brand Awareness

Social media presents an incredible opportunity to generate brand awareness among a targeted audience. With the help of large users and new users day by day in social media, your business will engage to more users through these channels and definitely it would help your brand awareness strategy


The trends of customers are changing day by day, social media is now acting as a learning tool about the new trends of customers, for what they are searching and where they are searching. Also you can know about your product review directly by the users and thus you can innovate your product or business for customers satisfaction and their needs. This innovation definitely meets your business goals and make you a step ahead than your competitors.

Increase Sales

The main and least advantage of social media for small businesses is the increase in sales and revenue. And its called as social media marketing. There are lot of methods to drive consumers to your product or business through social media. Now it’s very simple to sell products through social media. Facebook and Twitter started to sell products through their platforms and the sales through these platforms are increasing gradually

By the detailed study we can assume that consumers are more interested in shopping through these social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, that retailers can directly sell products. Social Media can have a hundred of millions fans, so the business owners can bravely spent time in social media like writing posts that link to products, sales, contents, etc. Not only theses two platform helps in selling products, there are some more ways to sell products on Pinterest, YouTube, and other social networks.

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  1. After reading your blog i really appreciate your point of view because by the use of social media we get target online customers on Facebook Our customers aware about our product and update also.

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