One of the main thing you must take in consider after developing an eCommerce website is the customer engagement. When you are spending money and time to developing an eCommerce website then you must definitely make your customers engaged with the website. Then only the customers will come back to your website and make the purchase again and again. In this article we are going to discuss about the 5 tips to engage your eCommerce customers.

In the previous article we discussed about the Top Ecommerce Strategy Trends for 2016. And now we are going to discuss about how to engage your customers to your eCommerce store to get more sales. Here is some top tips to engage your eCommerce customers:


Personalizing your eCommerce website will definitely engage your customers to your website. Also it allows you to target customers specifically and use their personal data to convert them to your customers. It is clear that if you are offering a better personalized experience for your customers then it is sure that consumers will come back to your eCommerce website again and again to shop the products.

Site owners can use this personalization to increase the customer engagement  because now consumers are ready to share information with eCommerce website to see the specific product according to their preferences.


Blogging helps your eCommerce website to get a better position in the search engine and also it enhances the user experiences and thus the engagement to your site increases tremendously. Blogging allows you to offer new information and tips about the product. Launching of new products can be announced through this blog and thus the engagement increases.

Live Chat

Providing Live Chat in your eCommerce website is the perfect way to engage with customers. You can answer the customers questions and provide them a perfect solution with in no time with the help of live chat. Live chat option helps you to respond faster this makes the customers stay long time in the website and thus the customers engage with your eCommerce website


Creating newsletter in your eCommerce website will help you in increasing the engagement with your customers and website. With the help of newsletter you can share info and tips of the services provided by your website, Launching of new products and services can be send through the newsletter. You can offer discounts and promotional mail through this newsletter it definitely increases the engagement with the eCommerce customers.

Social Media

Social media is another main method to increase the customer engagement. Nowadays people are using social media widely and posting promotional posts in social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc helps you to get the customers engaged with the eCommerce website. Posting promotional messages, Discounts, Offers, Info about new product and services.



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